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    • Zeal

      Comment on "HELP BAT 11!"

      Heeeeeeeeeeey batter, batter, batter, batter, live batter! He's got no hits, no hits, no hits, no hits, live batter!   Get well soon, Bat 11. You're a good bat and you'll be needed when it comes time to fight the Western Giants.
      • Guppy

        Comment on "Units of FAQ"

        I'd like a to propose some flavor text for giants, regarding their culture and beliefs.   Giants are extre...y proud of their might -- not just Western Giants, but gene...


      • Rise of the Stagemaster: Trust Me, Chapter 7

        ...ut half their elite stabbers and an equivalent number of warlords before surrender. There were also a few heavies there, Milktoast had brought Western Giants along for...

      • Gwadzilla and the Rise of the Ultwaman - Part 3

        ...; The six man team hurried to the other side of the hex while the two giants did battle...r said, “We could not find any treaty between him and any of the western sides......

      • Units of FAQ

        ...and a heavy load, 12,793-19,200 pounds. Western Giant Si...easure: Standard Alignment: Always neutral Western Giants are, but stronger and wider. Combat Western Giants favor amb...

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      • Dancing with the Titans

        ...snapped his fingers. The words “FAQ” appeared in lights on the Megalo’s stomach. The crowd roared in approval and a pack of Western Giants performed...

      • Prologue - 028

        ...pared. Besides the Jitterati infantry and one warlord, it was full of Western Giants, natural...s. There were at least two hundred men in the Garrison, and dozens of Giants. The towe...