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    • StrawberryGS

      Comment on "The Long Version"

      Some of your writing, especially the Wanda pre-stories changed my life and how I think about people and addiction.   Even when new stories aren't right in front of me, that change still endures.  As does my rain-or-shine pledge.  
      • Wii

        Comment on "State of the Erf - Part 2"

        Take your time! I rather would catch up with what's going on with Wanda, Vinny (god, Vinny), Zamussels, probably a plotline somewhere I forgot... but I understand...
        • Stargazer

          Comment on "Some Halloween fun"

          ...ot! I always like adding some vaguely obscure references and seeing whether or not people can figure out where they're from.  I also figured Wanda's unfortu...
          • Brother Mirtillo

            Comment on "Some Halloween fun"

            ...menacing. (or for the duo in the back, very menacing) My one complaint is that Sizemore's line made me wonder if that was supposed to actually be Wanda. Her face...
            • Neko

              Comment on "Book plans"

     great for the start of Book 4 is "bonus" art from Xin that ties into update 142 - no text, just images of Parson and Jack in TV's dungeons and Wanda becoming...
              • The Unlurked

                Comment on "Book plans"

                Possible names for book 5, based purely on speculation of what's coming next: Team Building Exorcisms Wandalust How Charlie Got His Juice Back Look Who's Thinking In Portals The Lady's Killers


              • She Calls out to Dry Bones

                ...rmy riseShe calls out to dry bones, come alive, yeah! By Shawn BawnFor Wanda the Tool,...he has earned. Note: I came across this song and it made me think of Wanda. In truth...

              • If I Only Knew the Way

                ...ight leg buckled under its weight. Wanda Firebaugh...comatose somewhere in the field? Wanda didn't mu...hite, gray, and pale gingham blue. Wanda's eyes dr...dawn. Jillian linked her arm with Wanda's, and Wa...

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              • Erf Cast does Suicide Is Painless (working title)

       hate-golems rise, I shall have at theeMy suicide shall be painlessAnd it shall bring on many changesWhen I go down I'll take you all with meeee.WandaYou've bee...

              • 2018 Halloween Competition, Shockmancy Shindig

                Ladies, gentlemen, assorted ghosts, spirits, demons, abominations before science and nature, monstrosities and librarians, it is that time of year again.The...

              • Yet Another Self Insert Fan Fiction Part 14

                ...hex and therefore occupied otherwise.   Wanda would hav...except Sizemore. Maggie briefly told me about Wanda's scrolls...vention in effect around here.”   Wanda had shown...

              • Everlasting Stopper the Gobwin

                ...n, but he had no tribe anymore. No chieftain. Instead he had a Mistress Wanda, and his new Duty was to serve her.   Mistress Wanda wanted hi...