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    • kellyleona

      Comment on "2018 Halloween Competition Results"

      Webinars are the least demanding approach to get 5 minutes of data on a point by going through an hour tuning in to them. I used to go to them live prior, don't do any longer. I do like Assignment Help Online experiencing the introductions of some equitable to check whether there's anything new.
      • HighJumper

        Comment on "Deus Erf Machina, Part 4"

        One of my favorite parts of this whole story was how well you described Wanda's first experience with an elevator. Good job on the feelings of acceleration and deceleration. 
        • HighJumper

          Comment on "Deus Erf Machina, Part 5"

          So I'm quite sure even on rereading that I don't k...s story, but I liked one part of it, the magic dia...t tangential, but I was wondering if the "diagram...e a simple Venn diagram or more like the Z...
          • HighJumper

            Comment on "Magic Venn Diegram"

            Thank you all for commenting! @darka...ut since I couldn't get them all in I figured it would be the cheekiest...sp; @ Malady The paper for...rder of elements. Maybe the classes w...anfic? Update: I found the f...
            • zbeeblebrox

              Comment on "Magic Venn Diegram"

              Oh right, the other primary colors! I was really confused at first because I assumed you meant red, green and blue. But the design is really clever. I actually like the shortened one a lot, it's very clean
              • Imrahil

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                I downloaded the STL file and loaded it up in my sli...ter) but am having some issues with the .STL.  It seems there are wei...ace for Stuffamancy is also missing the '...
                • Malady

                  Comment on "Magic Venn Diegram"

                  OH! ... This is a "Diegram"! Not a "diagram", but a Die-gram! A.k.a the singular of dice! ... Nice!
                  • Pax

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                    Based on the Venn Diagram ... there's an entire discipline of magic that's missing ... ! Every si...wo: Croakamancy (Fate) and Shockamancy (Erf). That says, to me, that there...
                    • Aion

                      Comment on "Magic Venn Diegram"

                      Late to the party, but just wow! First, yo...exactly how I "up-modelled" the magic sys...allenges for your polyhedra, there are sev...sides, or "side assemblies", then glue the...too. Text resolution should then...
                      • Fla_Panther

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                        OP, if you understand the math, great, if not that's...ut hopefully you can follow the multiplication rules for the diagram d...traight lines going through the triangle...rently some ground-breaking theor...