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    • Rei_Jin

      Comment on "New Board Game Art From Xin Ye"

      Backed. I have four kids, all keen to get into D&D, but with the youngest turning 4 this weekend, some of them are still a bit on the underlevelled side. Something like this is perfect for a seasoned DM like me to help them get into roleplaying fun


    • Dungeon Fantasy Kickstarter

      ...o, I started writing GURPS, which originally stood for Great Unnamed Roleplaying System and was retconjured into the Generic Universal Roleplaying Sysem.&nb...

    • Units of FAQ

      ...much of the same motivation as that found in Hat's the Ticket!, this is an attempt to shoehorn several elements of the Erfworld setting into a roleplaying game. I'm...

    • Yet Another Self Insert Fan Fiction

      ...ere were lots of similarities between the original Summon, Parson Gotti, and me, Sebastian Hund. Those similarities included a huge passion for roleplaying, tabletop...

    • The Seventh Crown Roleplaying Game Setting; Now on Kickstarter!

      ... Seventh Crown is a high-magic fantasy roleplaying game sett...nbsp; 7 Unique Facets of the Seventh Crown Roleplaying Setting...rinkets, Feats and Spells!   No good roleplaying setting i...

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    • Tips To Make Your Play-By-Post Game A Long-Lived Success

      ...Play By Post Games on the always distracting TV Tropes site. A PbP thread on Reddit. A blog post by Eric Martindale on the best play-by-post roleplaying sites. A...

    • 10 Ways to Keep Your Commoner Role Playing Character Alive

      10 Ways to keep your Commoner/Low Powered Character Alive in a Dangerous Fantasy World The Adequate Commoner by J.M. Perkins – author of The Adequate...

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