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    • Rei_Jin

      Comment on "New Board Game Art From Xin Ye"

      Backed. I have four kids, all keen to get into D&D, but with the youngest turning 4 this weekend, some of them are still a bit on the underlevelled side. Something like this is perfect for a seasoned DM like me to help them get into roleplaying fun
      • Adept

        Comment on "On Skips"

        Hang in there Balder. I really appreciate you posting this. As a die hard roleplayer, game master, game designer and a person who writes for a living, I found this...
        • Draken09

          Comment on "The Commander"

          I am interested in doing the play-by-post. I'm not active on the forums (yet), but I check this website multiple times a day, and I do have some experience and as a previous player/gamemaster of forum-based roleplay so I can really appreciate having an upfront schedule.
          • TomaO2

            Comment on "Stack Bonus Comic"

            ...s contradictory, so I'm keeping models until I get a clearer picture. Basically, I'm just trying to model how it could work for a player to roleplay things. N...
            • Xeiran

              Comment on "Appeal for Codename: Morningstar"

              ...o is look at a "dashboard" of what is available to you.  The specifics will vary, but the result should be the same - less effort, more roleplay fun. @Sq...


            • Dungeon Fantasy Kickstarter

              ...ago, I started writing GURPS, which originally stood for Great Unnamed Roleplaying System and was retconjured into the Generic Universal Roleplaying Sysem....

            • Units of FAQ

              ...or much of the same motivation as that found in Hat's the Ticket!, this is an attempt to shoehorn several elements of the Erfworld setting into a roleplaying game....

            • Hat's The Ticket!

              ...onster fantasy slugathon wargame of all monster fantasy slugathon wargames, Titan. But that does not mean I can't shoehorn Erfworld flavor into a roleplay game, doe...

            • Yet Another Self Insert Fan Fiction

              ...there were lots of similarities between the original Summon, Parson Gotti, and me, Sebastian Hund. Those similarities included a huge passion for roleplaying, table...

            • The Seventh Crown Roleplaying Game Setting; Now on Kickstarter!

     Crown is a high-magic fantasy roleplaying game s...ries of RPG books that will test roleplayers’...ique Facets of the Seventh Crown Roleplaying Settin...ats and Spells!   No good roleplaying settin...

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            • Tips To Make Your Play-By-Post Game A Long-Lived Success

     on Reddit. A blog post by Eric Martindale on the best play-by-post roleplaying sites....rfworld The Wold The Unseen Servant Play-by-Post Role Playing Games RolePlay Online M...

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