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    • Cinder39134

      Cinder39134 (@Cinder39134)

      Cinder39134, the Rhymer,Looking at the comic he's awaited,Effects poems ably 'fore a timer.Verse, if it not swiftly was created,Ekes no merits, cannot be debated...

      Interests: Rhyme-o-Mancy

      • Nickol Cadwell

        Nickol Cadwell (@Nickol Cadwell)

        Previous Usernames: Satherian Shockmancer currently multi-classing into Rhyme-o-mancy
        • rocknrolla

          rocknrolla (@rocknrolla)

          Composer, conductor and music teacher who sometimes wonders what Erfworld's music would sound like.

          Skills: Rhyme-o-mancy



        • The Noble Gases Chapter 22 (Aftermath and Epilogue)

          ...d died down King Utha said, “Considering his familiarity with Rhyme-o-mancy, We charg...  More cheering.   “Well, considering how much rhyme-o-mancy was a par...

        • The Noble Gases Chapter 21

          ..., unbidden. The Saxmen were not the only Side who could use natural Rhyme-o-Mancy in battle.... But the Angles were slowly winning the numbers game—and the Rhyme-o-Mancy game. &n...

        • The Noble Gases Chapter 20

          ...e kingdom. It has both natural and magical Rhyme-o-mancy on it tha...r. Even talking about it increases natural Rhyme-o-mancy.”...n, wordlessly working out the music to the Rhyme-o-mancy she was c...

        • The Noble Gases Chapter 19

          ...t Free Play would be suicide against an army this disciplined. The Saxmen army started their own curious mix of hooting and humming in Natural Rhyme-o-mancy as they m...

        • The Noble Gases Chapter 18

          ...remember that might make it a target, but I don’t want to go there on a hunch.   YOU MEAN LIKE A CITY TOWER THAT GIVES A BONUS TO RHYME-O-MANCY?  ...

        • Dwagon Riders of Erf: Chapter Two

          ...enough. Well like all Pans, I’m a forest capable scout with a rhyme-o-mancy special....Music can sooth the savage beast.”“So that’s your rhyme-o-mancy special t...