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  • mvInternational (Banned)

    We are an Involved Manufacturer, Exporter, and Supplier Of INDUSTRIAL OVENS and other heating equipment since 1989. Our custom and standard industrial ovens are used for multiple applications including Baking, Drying, Finishing, Painting, Heat Treatment, Annealing, etc.
  • ankie147 (Banned)

    This permanently makes the support for the find of the windows and it's all realted thing file explorer windows which you have seen in the computer system. Just read and get the information quickly. 
    • Jatopian

      Well, I guess this is better than popup ads.
      • OverdrivePrime

        Congratulations on your wedding! Suomenlinna looks friggin' gorgeous. We're looking forward to your return, but great work can't be rushed. Take your time. We'll still be here, excited for each new release!
        • Ice

          Congratulations. Been following since this was hosted on OOTs, and hate when comics "die." Usually don't bother with them anymore, find something new.... but Erf...
          • Goshen

            Take your time!  Things as awesome as Erfworld don't happen overnight. And congratulations!
            • Squall83

              If I had half of your work discipline and tenacity, I would be a five times faster worker myself. So, since your planned update schedule is aimed at something be...
              • Corrupt User

                So, when do you expect to be back?
                • dmolla

                  congrats Rob and Linda! and no worries, take all the time you need!
                  • Dusso

                    At least post some wedding photos for the rest of us who couldn't participate ;)