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      Những cơ hội không thể bỏ qua tại các nhà cái tốt nhất hiện nay Trong những năm gần đây khu vực Đông Nam Á đón nhận rất nhiều nhà cái bóng đá mới, điều này c...
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      lokalbet (@lokalbet)

      Sudahkah kalian meraih alternatif yg serasi? bagi mendapati user id tentu kamu mesti jalankan pendataan. Caranya lagi teramat gampang, kamu sanggup klik di me...
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      Lots of interesting videos and movie clips are available on the
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      The suggestive satisfaction that you scan for can be presently satisfied without issue in the hot arms of the city sensation Alina Malik. Regardless of whethe...
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      It is easy to get Kolkata call girls WhatsApp number and start communication. The hot girl is going to serve her 100% satisfactory services and make up your g...



    • Mathamancer Nash and the Pareto Frontier

      It was a perfectly average, sunny turn step south of Pareto too. Keep support on Galois, but make sure the support can help...the income will only be enough to support me—...

    • Important Units Throughout History

      Johnson Constantine, the Fierce and Dirty FoolAn ancient conqueror, long croaked. Surviving accounts of his reign are somewhat apocryphal - most claim that he...

    • Fumo the Free - Part 5

      After two days and nights of fistful interrogation, Fumo thought he’d learned more about himself than the Carpudlians had. And in two turns of being lef...

    • Darkness and Light Kid-Friendly RPG Kickstarter

      Last year, Xin Ye and I had great success with our Heroes & Treasure Kickstarter, thanks in large part to Rob, Linda, and the Erfworld community. I'm v...

    • At Ease, Archon

      Took off her belts, kicked off her shoes... Bonnie's feeling at ease! Still got her hat on, though. She's not a floozy.   (NOTE: User was awarded 10 shmuckers for this post.)    

    • The Real Story

      “I'm better.” “No, I'm better.” Her friends were at it again. Constantly arguing which was the better strategist. First one would wi...

    • If I Only Knew the Way

      Entry for Vendanna's latest contest. I'll put a link to the story's inspiration at the bottom of the page. --- The unipegataur flew shakily into the hex, he...