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    • RemoteScholar

      RemoteScholar (@RemoteScholar)

      Interests: programming

      • jsnider3

        jsnider3 (@jsnider3)

        I've been reading Erfworld since it was on GitP, but only recently joined the forums here.   I have a programming blog at
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          kilantolshi (@kilantolshi)

          Interests: programming

          • Pete

            Pete (@Pete)

            Interests: programming

            • VehpuS

              VehpuS (@VehpuS)

              I was popped on August 29th 1989 in Jerusalem, but spent most of my early turns in several kingdoms (Poland, Belgium and Romania – where I completed 12th grade...

              Interests: Programming

              • DukeBG

                DukeBG (@DukeBG)

                ...>EN projects too). I admin a large russian webcomics portal. I love webcomics. Though, likely I love math more. Also, I do some math-related programming as a hobb...

                Interests: programming