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    Jewel Cars Gatwick gives a fast and solid airport service to and from all London's significant air terminals lasting through the year. At Jewel Cars Gatwick,...

    Location: 79 prince Albert Square Redhill, United Kingdom, RH1 5AR


    • DrunkMonkGar

      Comment on "Do You Know Jack?"

      1: Jack Skellington, The Nightmare Before Christmas. 2: Handsome Jack, Borderlands. 3: Jack Spicer, Xiaolin Showdown. 4: Jack, Samurai Jack. 5: Jack the Ripper? Real life. 6: Apple Jack, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.   Bonus: Jack-in-the-box and Prince Albert in a can.
      • ElvenAvariel

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        OMT Thanks so much! Yes, we should all push Prince Albert's buttons. It will get us a dagger in the chest ^_^ He's really shaping up to be a fun character, stirring stuff up already. I bet the insecure punk is gonna be a source of great amusement.


      • The Rotten Vault of Hallowee

        ...consider that sufficient to meet the requirements of custom. I am King Albert Hallows I...rush.” He leaned back in his chair. “Back when I was merely Prince Hallows I...

      • Last Day of Kickstarter, First Day of New Art Team! a page to work on, and I have time to catch up. It's the last full day of the Kickstarter, which means it's your last chance ever to grab a Prince Albert Crest pin...

      • The "Rule 34 Unlock" sending extra rewards to all donors at physical reward tiers ($20 and up).   For no extra pledge money, you will now also receive a Prince Albert crest fri...

      • New Art Team in place! Kickstarter launched!

        ...a new project on Kickstarter. This was originally going to be a modest one of $6000, to fund the printing of a 2016 pin-up wall calendar and a Prince Albert's crest l...

      • Closing in on an art team, preliminary Kickstarter details

        ...are coming into focus, too. We had been planning to do a smaller one this month anyway, with a $6000 goal to make a 2016 pin-up calendar and a Prince Albert crest lap...

      • Do You Know Jack?

        Can you guess them all?   Have a bonus: It had to be done.   (Note: user received 35 Shmuckers for this post -Rob)

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