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    • Cayzle

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      ...stuff that occurs to me. You can follow me on Twitter (The Daily Wemic) for liontaur and gaming goodness. I also help run, a play-by-post Pathfinde...


      • Draken09

        Comment on "The Commander"

        I am interested in doing the play-by-post. I'm not active on the forums (yet), but I check this website multiple times a day, and I do have some experience and as a previous player/gamemaster of forum-based roleplay so I can really appreciate having an upfront schedule.
        • Cayzle

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          ...ur stack, odds are you never have to change it. Unless maybe to include a summoned monster, say. S-Dub, any chance you might want to join in a play-by-post paytest?...


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          ...he rhythms of a PBM audience? The Wold is a play-by-post game, wit...hese games, here are five tips to make your play-by-post game a lo...A blog post by Eric Martindale on the best play-by-post roleplayi...

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