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  • deannawilliam (Banned)

    deannawilliam (@deannawilliam)

    Erfworld is a story-driven dream/parody webcomic about an ace technique gamer summoned into and stuck inside a wargame. The main book, The Battle for Gobwin Knob was composed by Rob Balder and showed by Jamie Noguchi. Arno Victor Denim Coat



  • Erf Cast does Suicide Is Painless (working title)

    BeaDonny-boy you won't believe my dayA horde of zombies have come this way.I think I'm going to croak myself anywaySo to Donny-boy I bid thee beoh wait I forg...

    Tags: Song Parody

  • B-B-B-Benny and the Gems

    Benny and the Gems   a parody of Bennie and the Jets - originally by Elton John *also see pg. 179 of Erfworld bk. 4 - this was Rob's idea  ...

  • Loyal

    Loyal  Parody of Royals by Lorde   But imagine or read the musical portion to Royals covered by Puddles Pity Party and Postmodern Jukebox *** The sk...

  • The Order of the Siiiick

    This parody created independently of any content posted in response to Book 3 Page 307.  I haven't read the reactions, and started thi...

  • Dwagon Master & Sharpest Tool

    ...of mind.   October's Dwagon Master is HighJumper for The Hamsterdance! song parody.  ...

  • The Hamsterdance!

    Well, if I'm going to share my attempt at art I may as well share my song parody. This is also an entry in Spicymancer's Halloween Competition, and should be...