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  • At Ease, Archon

    Took off her belts, kicked off her shoes... Bonnie's feeling at ease!   Still got her hat on, though. She's not a floozy.

  • The Price of Misunderstanding, Pt. 2

    ...s— to be fewer things in the world?” he asked.   “,” s...d pointing at his face. When Price opened his eyes...allow you to withstand seeing the world without b...

  • Super Heavyweight Bout

    "If a dwagon is fightin' a megalogwiffin, and you are a bug? You do not pick a side and join the rumble."

  • Fumo the Free - Part 3

        It seemed Fumo was not finished slapping himself today. He rubbed at his ear, which felt hot.   “Thought you said the incense ke...

  • Maggie in Mixed Media

    I got a watercolor kit for Christmas that I need to practice with, and I've been meaning to draw more fanart for Erfworld for a whi...

  • Merry Elfn Questmas

    ...ests hidden around Erfworld. Typical...d to cover the entire world. He was...g to finally find the opening below....I need your stack to open fire immed...grip in his hand. His world began to...d every egg squelched open in unison....

  • Fumo the Free - Part 2

    He’d never seen snow—he neve...her.   On his downswing, the world to make up his mind. What did the world care? Was...y needed a safe perch, to watch the world burn. &n...