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    • TheKingOfCats

      TheKingOfCats (@TheKingOfCats)

      I started college again when I was 28. Three years down and on the verge of my first two computer science degrees. Bachelor's program starts in the fall. Mast...

      Interests: Fantasy

      • HighJumper

        HighJumper (@HighJumper)

        ...ike everything from biographies to science fiction. I like the idea of writing enough I have plans for a half dozen novels, within diverse genres(fantasy, historic...
        • Anton Gaist

          Anton Gaist (@Anton Gaist)

          Interests: fantasy

          • partywhipple

            partywhipple (@partywhipple)

            Live in Virginia. Sell things. Try not to boop things up too badly before I croak.

            Interests: Fantasy

            • Amado

              Amado (@Amado)

              Musician, composer, singer. Video game geek, scifi/fantasy/comic book fan, looooong-time-ago D&D player. Loves dogs, likes cats. Secular humanist.