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      Hello :) I'm a random teenager artist making 3d models for Erfworld. I met Rob in 2017 and taught him how to 3d model, so he hired me to 3d model the rest of every...
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      • Bandaid

        Comment on "Old-Timey Maps"

        What jebejosiah said basically. It is nice to see how much work you (and the rest of the team) put in every single piece of art/writing you release. It also helps to get a more realistic view on how timeconsuming creating Erfworld is.Thanks for the update(s) on that topic.
        • Bandaid

          Comment on "The Popping of Saint Elmo the Shockmancer"

          ...rk but fanon has them at 1000 Shmuckers per level. Anyway, thanks for filling the update gap with your stories. After all we can never get enough Erfworld around he...
          • balder

            Comment on "“Pew Pew” Kickstarter"

            ...Connor and Brendon are creating the basic components of everything in Erfworld - cities,...for comic panels and text illustrations. If we can't pull it off, then Erfworld just goes...
            • Zebio

              Comment on "The Big To-Do"

              Thanks for sharing, it's always very interesting to read the artistic process of how Erfworld is made alive and how you project to make it up to a bigger scale (automation and so on). It's a bit of the creation magic that we can have a look on...
              • Kelibath

                Comment on "The Big To-Do"

       being considered to handle facial expressions manually, the way they've been drawn up until now, while automating the rest. The characters of Erfworld have such...
                • Bandaid

                  Comment on "Fox Force Five: Delta"

                  @Vreejack For me Xin's style is one of the best, if not the best, artstyles I know. She is a huge part of the Erfworld experience for me. I hope she can stay on for good until the comic finishes.