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                            One of my favorite parts of this whole story was how well you described Wanda's first experience with an elevator. Good job on the feelings of acceleration and deceleration. 
                            • HighJumper

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                              So I'm quite sure even on reread...don't know enough of your sourc...t I liked one part of it, the magic di...try some modeling. My ideas got...I was wondering if the "diagram of interlock...agram or more like the Zohar de...s used in the rest of your...
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                                Thank you all for comment...atic if one of my ideas made...ouldn't get them all in would be the to leave off. ;) @&n...Malady The paper the idea of four of t...on or order of elements. Maybe the classes...te: I found the fanfic&n...o a diagram of interlock...for each." My ideas...
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                                  Oh right, the other primary colors! I was really confused at first because I assumed you meant red, green and blue. But the design is really clever. I actually like the shortened one a lot, it's very clean
                                  • Imrahil

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                                    I downloaded the STL file and loaded it up in my sl...ut am having some issues with the .STL.  It seems there are we...r Stuffamancy is also missing the 'ins...
                                    • Malady

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                                      OH! ... This is a "Diegram"! Not a "diagram", but a Die-gram! A.k.a the singular of dice! ... Nice!
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                                        Based on the Venn Diagram ... there's an entire discipline of magic tha...(Erf). That says, to me, that th...t be another entire discipline of magic...
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                                          Late to the party, but just wow!...ow I "up-modelled" the magic system in my own mind b...or your polyhedra, there..."side assemblies", then glue th...resolution should then be exce...own to the X-Y res of the print...n can be thousands of DPI r...


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                                        • Magic Venn Diegram

                                          So, as you all know, Erw...ersections of three elements that then interact...sciplines. The chart tha...ethod. And then I wanted...e, or none of th...eally like the spacing...o call 2/3 of a hexagon...bsp;making the 2-D shur...the names of the disci...nd some of my downloadi...e this: The whol...

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                                        • The Popping of Saint Elmo the Shockmancer

                                          Arrr! Gather round, mateys. The turn is o...ver. Only the night wat...e. A tale of the greatest.... I speak of Saint Elmo...;s right, the Shockmanc...mancy for their storms...mainmasts of the disres...Even less of one, truth...where, whether it was in...fled into the guardhou...he ship's officer had...u noticed my jury legs...