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    • buryjangjin

      buryjangjin (@buryjangjin)

      ...uction is to take after a healthy way of life. According to the Honey Hibernation Food regimen (HHD), fats loss is feasible if you find yourself sleeping. Upwards o...
      • Fill783

        Fill783 (@Fill783)

        Interests: Videogames and sleeping.

        • Xenene

          Xenene (@Xenene)

          Angels serve with no physical quickness; ah, wouldn't you know? My baby got that fitness.

          Interests: Sleeping.

          • AlusdarODane

            AlusdarODane (@AlusdarODane)

            Uh...SCA Squire to Duke Rags of Atlantia and a heck of a Spear Fighter. PhD in Nutrition from Cornell. Wife and 3 kids. Run a small Non Profit that keeps a 300+ student school in Uganda running smoothly.   There. Now you can find me on the internets.

            Skills: and sleeping. I am highly qualified in pretty much everything else.



          • Unjust Deserts, part 25

            ...aced her gently in the middle of one of the banners, as though she truly was asleep. “It seems odd to refer to them as if they were merely sleeping.” &...

          • Unjust Deserts, Part 14

            ...That’s how Roe had said they’d first contacted Madsense.   Kevin had wrapped her neck around his shoulders, resting, but not sleeping. She might...

          • Noble Gases Chapter 8

            ...amancy is nice, but that’s not why I’m keeping her close. I tried something last night, I had someone bring me her Hat while she was sleeping.” &...

          • The Last Turn - Part 13

            ...x. If you want to play a game, play it in front of them. If you want to sing, sing at them. Do everything you can near their hex, even eating or sleeping.” &...

          • The Last Turn - Part 11

            ...doors and kicked them open. He walked out into the city and looked around.   All his units were off the streets. Well. They were probably sleeping. Turing kn...

          • Choose your own adventure: Nagash part 2

            ...were only ten Orcs in the room. Two were near the entrance standing guard, five more were eating or tending to their gear, the other three were sleeping. As Nagash...