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    ...ide range of dice sets and gaming accessories from metal dice sets, Polymer Bundle Deals and Dice Trays, perfect for DnD (Dungeons and Dragons), pathfinder and other...
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          Comic artist and creator from southern Indiana. I always loved Spiderman and Superman as a kid, but I didn't really get into comics until I met my friend Rob in...

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            ...ccurs to me. You can follow me on Twitter (The Daily Wemic) for liontaur and gaming goodness. I also help run, a play-by-post Pathfinder site wher...



          • The Dance-Fighter

            A First Edition Pathfinder prestige class inspired by Erfworld, applying the grace and mov...Summon Backup Dancers capstone was added. That fits with the general Pathfinder power inf...

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          • Blast From The Past - Part 6

   magic for greater effect. When she cast a pathfinder spell wit...ven know you avoided.   Elle cast the pathfinder spell on..., and through billiard halls. If not for the pathfinder spell she...

          • Hat's The Ticket!

            ...mean I can't shoehorn Erfworld flavor into a roleplay game, does it?   I've already pushed some Erfworld ideas into a prestige class for Pathfinder / D&D...

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          • The Commander

   go here to download this PDF ebook treasury of twelve Pathfinder RPG some extra perks. For players who prefer Third Edition D&D to Pathfinder, note tha...

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          • The Seventh Crown Roleplaying Game Setting; Now on Kickstarter!

            NOTE ABOUT THIS ARTICLEAs part of the "Kicking It Forward" concept, I try to keep tabs on Kickstarter projects that I think Erfworld readers would like. I reach...

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          • Tips To Make Your Play-By-Post Game A Long-Lived Success

            ...that content is found in the "Woldipedia," a 930-page wiki. The Wold has also evolved with the game, from D&D 2.0 to D&D 3.5 to the Core Pathfinder flavor of...