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  • Yet Another Self Insert Fan Fiction, Part 15

    ...agons heading for your hex will do that. After performing a fly by with all my dwagons I ordered most of them to the opposite end of the hex while Maggie, Misty, J...

  • Maggie in Mixed Media

    I got a watercolor kit for Christmas that I need to practice with, and I've been meaning to draw more fanart for Erfworld for a while now. Hopefully January will be a productive month! Image upload was corrected.   (NOTE: User was awarded 10 shmuckers for this post.)    

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  • B-B-B-Benny and the Gems

    ...rive following his advice We will fight our enemies until their defeat To prove who’s strong and who’s weak   Well Parson and Maggie, now you&...

  • Yet Another Self Insert Fan Fiction Part 14

    ...I headed to the courtyard, Maggie in tow. direct ruler orders but Maggie was simpl...d concerning Jillian while Maggie was using Dirtamancy? I had Maggie make a no...ommanders except Sizemore. Maggie briefly t...

  • The Side That Tows Together...

      ...grows together.   ///   Sometimes, Kanakanui stumbled into pilikia, and his friends pulled him back. If you are hearing these stories...

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  • Kill Bill

    You know, I just felt like this was appropriate for some reason.

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