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                  • Generica Online

                    A random collection of screenshots, reference images, pencils and diagrams we shared when making the City of Generica, our first 3D city from scratch. &nbsp...

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                    Trust Me   Chapter 7   <--Back “Welcome to Heap. We’re very sorry about the misunderstanding, but you’re here early....

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                    Here is a project that I have worked on for a few months in my spare time. I have created what I thought Gnome natural allies would be like in Erfworld. Ther...

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                    Well, let's clear the decks and put up the pile of mini-pinups I owe you, before we go posting 3D progress shots in here.   There's a bonus "fake pinu...

                  • The Long Version

                    As promised, here is the long version of the bad news post. This news update has been a long time in coming, and I've been working on it on and off for a co...

                  • Believe we’d have a legion

                    There's a short version of this post, and a very long version. I have written most of the long version, and I will post that to the Toolbox later today. But...

                  • Rise of the Stagemaster: Trust Me, Chapter 6

                    Trust Me Chapter 6 <--Back               ...ity, and now only the two of them were left. Lynch and Blair were each the lone...

                  • Cover Paiges

                    Paige Turner spent over 5000 turns alone on the jungle isle of...efore seeing another person. Those may have been lone...

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                    Trust Me Chapter 5 <--Back                                  &nbsp...

                  • IWATC: Narrative-Focused Urban Fantasy RPG

                    Greetings, Erfworlders! I've been running urban fantasy tabletop RPGs like Buf...ed young adult urban fantasy RPG where it doesn't matter how strong my werewolf is, or ho...