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              • Happy ending for Game of Thrones

                ...r and inn owner his whole life. Married a sweet girl, had a few kids with her, never left his village again. Works as quest giver and source of information for low l...

              • The Long Version

                ...spiritual, financial, and actual medical help we got from the Erfworld family, everything would be over. You literally saved Linda's life. The information we needed...


                ...s possible – When you are offering a free download or trial or video. It isn’t really free. People have to hand over their personal information in order...

              • Mathamancer Nash and the Pareto Frontier

                ...interest was cryptography. The information on this p...with Foolamancy, but since the information was He didn’t get as much information this way,...ldquo;The only place where this information is not a...

              • Strongman and the Tower of the LFN

                ...enter the tower, Costner?” Strongman’s question was met with a finger to lips shush.  Then Costner, in silent mimicry to pass information, put his...

              • State of the Erf - Part 2

                ..." in an update. Fewer panels, fewer words.But it didn't work for me. Sometimes updates can be brief, but there is a minimum amount of story and information that I fe...