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  • The Arkenpick

    "... at the conclusion of the final set, they went home to Ark, leaving behind one of their dishes, a pair of pliers, a pair of shoes, a pick, and a hammer." --The Oregen Tale

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  • The Oregen Tale

    The Titans laid the foundations of Erf in concert with each other. According to the D'worfs, the Titans started with Rock. On top of Rock, they layered grunge...

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  • Blast From The Past - Part 10 (Finale)

    Previous Chapters:Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5Part 6 Part 7Part 8Part 9   SHWACK!     It was the brutal sound of King Biff executin...

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  • Yet Another Self Insert Fan Fiction, Part 13

    Part 1   Part 12   Don King liked to think of himself as a simple man enjoying the simple joys of life. On the usual turn he did his morning bus...

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  • Voyage of the (Air)spacemen! Part 3 (Ending)

    Julia put down her hat and looked outside. This wasn't rainy hex, but a sunny, beach one; they should be just fine. Somehow, it reminded her of Faranco's beac...

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  • The Lilith

    Once upon a turn so dreary, while I schemed weak and weary,Against a many and various customers,While I plotted, forever living, Suddenly there came a magic c...

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  • Yet Another Self Insert Fan Fiction, Part 12

    Part 1 Part 11A lot of different things happened at the same time. My dwagons roared. A sword hilt appeared next to me. Cleansing occurred. I knew the last b...

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  • Casters' burden Part 5

    As the darkness spread, Lord Novak started a new song, all by his own. The 10 of his archers took it and then almost two thousand units in his stack took it a...

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  • Casters' burden Part 4

    Part 3 here: came, on the wings of ice and darkness, as the battle song of the kingdom ended...

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  • Unerfed I - Unusual

    THIS PLACE POPS US WRONG   There was a statue before her, some sort of winged figure, hewn from stone and standing upon a carved plinth with words engr...

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