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    nguyenhuuhongky (@nguyenhuuhongky)

    • Twofer

      Twofer (@Twofer) pages waiting for me to post, new rule as of 15/11/'17: I only post fanfic on a Frid...ns at the helm of a seemingly-doomed side and saves day' is to Erfworld fanfic as 'Harry...
      • Brother Mirtillo

        Brother Mirtillo (@Brother Mirtillo)

        ...e the mysterious tones of life while also acting with practical responsibility and courage.   I have other pictures on DeviantArt and stories on Fanfiction dot n...



      • Yet Another Self Insert Fan Fiction, Part 15

        Part 1 Part 14   Other people might enjoy riding on a dwagon, not me though. I had a too vivid imagination for that. I could vividly imagine what woul...

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      • Edge Chronicles, pt 1

          Rince the Warlord hurried down the streets of the City on the Edge of Forever. He had been summoned to the council chambers of King Poons, a rare hono...

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      • 2018 Halloween Competition Results

        Good evening lords and ladies, the time has finally come... to announce the winners of this year's Halloween competition!   ¡¡¡Mwahah...

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      • 2018 Halloween Competition, Shockmancy Shindig

        ...e time... (dramatic pause) For the Erfworld Halloween Competition!   Mwhahahaha! That's right, now is the time to start preparing your fanfics, fan art...

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      • Yet Another Self Insert Fan Fiction Part 14

        Part 1   Part 13   Hopefully I had given Don King something to think about.  After breaking the call with him I headed to the courtyard, Ma...

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      • Trials and Tribulations on a Tiny Island - Part 4

        Part 1 - Previous - Next Turn 5 - Battle for Sure - Cronnaught   “It will be a glorious day for Cronnaught. Today will be the day...

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