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        ...ining process supporting Erfworld at this U...also see that @Linsaran (Erfworld profile 1...more often involves more conversion fees....ort plan on that scroll, Erfworld staff is tr...nal fees for getting the conversion to Uncle...
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          Even if you're talking supply vs demand for conversion of gems into schmuckers, you woul...ckers for every other side, and you'd have a large % of the wealth in Erfworld. I suspect...
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            ...y for, he can just ask us via this site. The conversion rate ca...e - the front page, the latest post, and one Erfworld fanfic on...d be paying to help support the site and the Erfworld team's effo...


          • Volume 4 - You've Got a Friend In Me - The Life and Adventures of Sir Edelbert Spore

            The Life and Adventure of Sir Edelbert Spore Previous : Volume 3 &nbs...e range of possibilities. I know of various example units with different conversion spells, e...

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            Note: The following is one chapter (the only one inspired by Erfworld) in a new...rms and magical qualities emulate Erfworld plays into a central theme in Erfworld,...

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