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    • pirateaba

      pirateaba (@pirateaba)

      Do you like stories? I like stories. I also like green apples.   Web Serial (Active) - Blog (Inactive) -  
      • FreddyND

        FreddyND (@FreddyND)

        Been following Erfworld since the GitP days!I've spend my recent time 3D modeling monsters and can't wait to do some Erfworld monsters...
        • LazarusZLong

          LazarusZLong (@LazarusZLong)

          A long-time comic-book fan, I only recently dove into online comics (maybe 12 years ago or so).  I have been following Erfworld since its beginnings in the Order of...
          • jsnider3

            jsnider3 (@jsnider3)

            I've been reading Erfworld since it was on GitP, but only recently joined the forums here.   I have a programming blog at
            • rocknrolla

              rocknrolla (@rocknrolla)

              Composer, conductor and music teacher who sometimes wonders what Erfworld's music would sound like.
              • Twofer

                Twofer (@Twofer)

       officially defunct. I was never really happy with it, but 'leadership unit spawns at the helm of a seemingly-doomed side and saves day' is to Erfworld fanfic as...
                • Eevi

                  Eevi (@Eevi)

                  I lurk a lot, and have been lurking Erfworld since GiantITP days. I registered mostly to become a Tool. I also occasionally throw Shmuckers at people. If you receive a donation from me for a forum post or something, it's because I accidentally forgot to click the 'Make Anonymous' button.
                  • Coincoin DuK

                    Coincoin DuK (@Coincoin DuK)

                    I've been reading Erfworld for quite a while now, a dozen pages after Book 1 started I think. I quite enjoy reading Erfworld, so thank you Rob and every one else involved in the making of such a great read.
                    • tomaO2

                      tomaO2 (@tomaO2)

                       The Imperfect Warlord Summery: Erfworld, the tale of a young m...up until Book 3 Page 79.    [url=] The Imperfect Warlord[/url] My Erfworld RPG syste...