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    • tamtam1991

      Rob,  We are happy to hear everything went well with your wedding! Mazal tov. We are also happy to know Xin (and your family) are safe in Houston, Texas....
      • j scheibel

        Reading this evokes some form of sonder i me. Erfworld isn't going anywhere, congrats, rest well and safe travels.
        • Azukar

          All the best! We'll keep the site warm 'til you're good and ready  (And congratulations to you both on your wedding!)
          • Archena Nighthawk

            Ack, no! Waited so long... need Erfworld fix...  Nah, I'm good - only minor addiction. I can stop any time I want to... I just don't want to. Nyah! Seriousl...
            • tgillet1

              Congrats on the wedding!!! I certainly miss Erfworld updates, but I am so on board with you taking the time you need to get things in order so you can do Erfworld the way that works best - both for your and the team's welfare and for the quality of the story. Patience pays. Good luck!
              • cloudbreaker

                Thank you for keeping us updated.  I was hoping to submit a new large-scale Erfworld-related project by the time updates resumed, but it has taken me much longer than anticipated.  With the extended hiatus, maybe I will be able to finish it in time after all!
                • Lord Morgoth

                  That's fine by me. I'm newer to Erfworld than most people (I think I joined around page 5...y, we should be thanking you for telling us you need to take a hiatus! Erfworld is one of...
                  • benana

                    We want more Erfworld, but we want you to be in a good place more! If you got distracted by your own wedding, it sounds like your priorities are in the right place!
                    • dfinlay

                      Looking forward to Erfworld resuming, but your focus and mental health come first. Take the time you need.
                      • Spicymancer

                        "So, the models are bigger than Cheeses?" Side by side, yeah, the Plus Models are bigger and taller, but part of it is perception since Guewilla's stoop like...