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  • 2018 Halloween Competition Results

    Good evening lords and ladies, the time has finally come... to announce the winners of this year's Halloween competition!   ¡¡¡Mwaha...

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  • Edge

    ...ut the weird and fantastic, rather than artistic surgeons and unbeatable bosses. Cross-advertising for my original online novel Again, which is superficially abou...

  • 2018 Halloween Competition, Shockmancy Shindig

    Ladies, gentlemen, assorted ghosts, spirits, demons, abominations before science and nature, monstrosities and librarians, it is that time of year again.The...

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  • Everlasting Stopper the Gobwin

    Stopper had been a good gobwin. He mined for Gobwin Knob over many turns, digging tunnels through the rock, and found many gems. Overlord Stanley had been so...

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  • Volume 22 -Beware the Ides of Smarch - The Life and Adventures of Sir Edelbert Spore

    ...artifact.”               “I see the similarities, but they are rather superficial. Don&r...

  • Blast From The Past - Part 10 (Finale)

    Previous Chapters:Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5Part 6 Part 7Part 8Part 9   SHWACK!     It was the brutal sound of King Biff executi...

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