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                  • Generica Online

                    A random collection of screenshots, reference images, pencils and diagrams we shared when making the City of Generica, our first 3D city from scratch. &nbs...

                  • Rise of the Stagemaster: Trust Me, Chapter 7

                    Trust Me   Chapter 7   <--Back “Welcome to Heap. We’re very sorry about the misunderstanding, but you’re here early....

                  • Gnome Sayin?

                    Here is a project that I have worked on for a few months in my spare time. I have created what I thought Gnome natural allies would be like in Erfworld. The...

                  • 9 mini pinups and a fake

                    Well, let's clear the decks and put up the pile of mini-pinups I owe you, before we go posting 3D progress shots in here.   There's a bonus "fake pin...

                  • The Long Version

                    As promised, here is the long version of the bad news post. This news update has been a long time in coming, and I've been working on it on and off for a c...

                  • Believe we’d have a legion

                    There's a short version of this post, and a very long version. I have written most of the long version, and I will post that to the Toolbox later today. Bu...

                  • Rise of the Stagemaster: Trust Me, Chapter 6

                    Trust Me Chapter 6 <--Back                                  &nbs...

                  • Cover Paiges

                    Paige Turner spent over 5000 turns alone on the jungle isle of Nestlý before seeing another person. Those may have been lonely days, but they were no...

                  • Rise of the Stagemaster: Trust Me, Chapter 5

                    Trust Me Chapter 5 <--Back                                  &nbs...

                  • IWATC: Narrative-Focused Urban Fantasy RPG

                    Greetings, Erfworlders! I've been running urban fantasy tabletop RPGs like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Supernatural since even before their respective gam...