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  • The Arkenpick

    "... at the conclusion of the final set, they went home to Ark, leaving behind one of their dishes, a pair of pliers, a pair of shoes, a pick, and a hammer." --The Oregen Tale

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  • The Oregen Tale

    The Titans laid the foundations of Erf in concert with each other. According to the D'worfs,...rovising. Nevertheless, it is agreed on by almost everyone that the first creati...

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  • The Last Turn - Epilogue and Afterword

    .... I think stories are great. Regardless of how people like it, I think fanfiction is grea...quo;d hope that you checked out The Wandering Inn which is entirely my creation. I&rsqu...

  • Ethereum and the future of Erfworld fanfic

    ...ten novel-length Erfworld fanfic by Twofer, that were not Erfworld fanfic, but were...nterested in the Erfworld fanfic. But we g...and submitting the longer fanfics and seri...'re doing can inspire the creation of song...