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            • At Ease, Archon

              Took off her belts, kicked off her shoes... Bonnie's feeling at ease!   Still got her hat on, though. She's not a floozy.

            • The Price of Misunderstanding, Pt. 2

              “There is too much,” read the Viscount from what Rookh had written on his piece of paper. He looked at Rookh, shrouded in the darkness of the c...

            • Super Heavyweight Bout

              "If a dwagon is fightin' a megalogwiffin, and you are a bug? You do not pick a side and join the rumble."

            • Fumo the Free - Part 3

                  It seemed Fumo was not finished slapping himself today. He rubbe...his were in the battlespace), he would begin his second turn with the same 10 move he&...

            • Maggie in Mixed Media

              I got a watercolor kit for Christmas that I need to practice with, and I've!   Image upload was corrected.   (NOTE: User was awarded 10 shmucker...

            • Merry Elfn Questmas

               Merry Elf’n Questmas Shelf Elves were a misunderstood and often mis...any kind. In fact, Grumple noticed that nearly all his brethren were level 1. The Shel...

            • Fumo the Free - Part 2

              He’d never seen snow—he never would see snow—but pieces of cha...oice, really...just one simple roll of one simple die, for one simple level 1 warlord i...

            • Strongman and the Tower of the LFN

              ...ollowing feature is rated TG-13 for gratuit...of high adventure!   1  ...interpretations of the holy <16699 class="52129 search-highlight-color1">book16699>s from...ned in the greatest of level 10 capitals...full year, since this is the 12th month...