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    • Bandaid

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      I suspect Hippymancy, especially Flower Power. There is simply no way that Bonnie has such an expression under normal circumstances. Also, nice art. You are progr...
      • coineineagh

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        ...t of realism to her death It also permanently kills off a huge swathe of characters, Game of Thronesishly. Wanda. Claud & Ivan. Jack. Ansom. Bonnie, Ace, Ant...
        • Cinder39134

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          ...cheery,And cries, "I regret I'm not thinner!"   "Wha - how many Schmuckers, this cost us?!There's nothing that good! You'll exhaust us!"But Bonnie just tast...
          • Yshl

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            Bonnie relaxing? Unpossible! (but I love the art) The grey round models reminded of the computer-generated videos of real events where there isn't footage but the news wants one. Kind of classic Fisher Price "Little People". :)
            • No one in particular

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              Hmm... you know, if you took away the board and squint a little, Bonnie would be unsupported and the waves could be wind. Flying!
              • kaylasdad99

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                In 1969, Tor Johnson was still around, so him for Bogroll. For Parson, we'd need to find a youngish male character actor, a little tubby and baby-faced. How about Michael J. Pollard (shown here as C. W. Moss in the 1967 film Bonnie and Clyde)?


              • At Ease, Archon

                Took off her belts, kicked off her shoes... Bonnie's feeling at ease! Still got her hat on, though. She's not a floozy.   (NOTE: User was awarded 10 shmuckers for this post.)    

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              • Erf Cast does Suicide Is Painless (working title)

                ...ssbut Homocide is funMy path towards conquest has (only) just begun!And Bonnie's been helping me with my vocabul'ryyy. Bonnie:Very good...

              • The Side That Tows Together...

                  ...grows together.   ///   Sometimes, Kanakanui stumbled into pilikia, and his friends pulled him back. If you are hearing these stories...

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              • Mini-pinups for the Toolbox

                ...or those pledging at the levels where you receive postcards, we're printing these panels up for you as postcards and sending a window decal of the Bonnie monochrom...

              • Bonnie Goes Hawaiian

                ...e to us after page 299, the "Jed's Story" post. Jed's original name for Bonnie was "Wahi...irl." In 299, Jed expands that to "Wahine Lele (Flying Woman)", and the Bonnie art in th...

              • On Skips

                ..., and that's great. We've also had a lot of screen time for a varied group to carry the "antagonist ball," some of whom (Tondelayo, Caesar, Isaac, Bonnie, Benjamin...