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My name is Chris, I love discussing storytelling in all its forms, and I like to run D&D games, adore 5e, and want to challenge my players to really think about the world they're creating with their characters. 

I used to write a lot, but now I mostly just work on the various D&D campaigns I'm running. I've dealt with some loss this year that has made me confront things I'd previously chosen to ignore in my journey to being mentally healthy, so I aim mostly for distraction and escape rather than the introspection and self-confrontation that goes with most of the writing I do.

I don't generally commit to communities because I struggle to feel seen and present in most online spaces, so this is a first for me. This kind of detailed profile. I rarely talk online because I frequently feel like I have nothing to add to the conversation, but I'm trying to change that and this community is one of my favorites so here I am, I guess. Let's be friends. I always love making new friends.

Brief description

I like good stories, want to tell good stories, and want to help people the way that other people have helped me. I test software by day, tell stories by night, and do my best to take care of a bird that hates everyone.


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