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My name is Arnout, and I am Bachelor of Science in chemistry, specializing in inorganic chemistry. Currently not working in my prefered field, but I have hope that I can return there, in a couple of years.

My interests lie in the field of artificial phosphors, (which, as opposed to their name, do not actually contain the element Phosphorus, but show phosphor-luminescent behaviour) and in the field of technical ceramics, in all its applications. I graduated in metal coatings, and currently working in the field of semi-conductors.

And yes, I know the Breaking Bad series, and no, you are not the first person to bring this up.


I’ve been playing water polo (yes, the dudes with the skimpy swimwear) for quite some time now, although a shoulder injury has forced me to retire from the sport. 

Due to past events, I have very little love (anymore) for football (soccer in American). I used to play football a long time ago, but all I really specialized in was running down annoying strikers, and making sure they stayed down. I also practiced Judo for a few years, up to the blue belt. After this, I started in water polo competitions.

I play videogames on a daily basis, and I’m a fan of Android OS. I collect several comics, the most appealing of which are Wake (about a Human girl, alone in an intergalactic society), and Okko (about a Ronin living in a fictional feudal society).
I’d consider myself to be knowledgeable on the subject of (draft) beer, but I am always looking for new experiences. My al-time favourite however is Grolsch Premium Pilsner, a Dutch Pilsner. I’d settle for an honest German pilsner, but my favourite brands are hard (very hard) to come by, in the Netherlands.

As for hard liquor, I prefer real Cuban rum (Ron Palma Mulata de Cuba -7 anos is the cheapest one I really enjoy), the ones that have spent some time in a barrel, but I’ll settle for some of the more luxurious Bacardi rums. My former housemate taught me a lot about whisky (and I mean Scotch, not whiskey) but here are some suggestions: Aberlour 10 year single malt for accessible peat, the Dalwhinnie 15 years single malt for a more sweet whisky. Give it some time to breathe, so you can taste the grapefruit. For people thinking outside the box: Tobermory 10 year single malt, non-chill filtered. This whisky is remarkable, as it has something of a good, white, fruity wine in it.

When at work, I’m a huge fan of electronic music. (Mind you, the following terminology is Dutch, so there might be a difference between what I mean, and what you think I mean!) It starts at House, and goes harder, faster and more bass from there. Think along the lines of house towards drum and bass/dubstep. Outside of work I am a huge fan of the Nijmeegse band De Staat. I’m open to pretty much all other music, and I listen to a public radio station during my free time.

Further on, I’ll always be available for a firm, but polite, discussion about booze, games, music and chemistry. So, what's left? O, yeah, I am a proud member of the "Break into Song" Squad. (Basically when you are bored with a conversation, you just pick a word and you sing a few lines of a song with that word in it.)

For pondering: “If it’s a job worth doing, it’s a job worth dying for!”

Everything I publish, here or anywhere else, depending on publishing date, is available under a CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 or higher license.

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TL;DR: Chemistry, sports, games, comics, booze, music, CC BY-NC-SA 2.0+

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