About me

I am Lheticus...the one who sees.

I see that which the rest of you turn a blind eye to out of despair.

I see the depravities committed not in the shadows, but in the light enacted by those who believe they cannot be stopped.

And I see that they are wrong.

I see the greatness the human race has accomplished in a span of years equatable to cosmic infancy.

I see the good that people do despite the world telling us such good does not exist.

I see that there truly is hope for the human race for all its faults.

And I will stop at nothing to show those who are willing to see what I see, the real truth of the world:

Life sucks.  The world sucks.  Everything sucks.  BUT IT DOESN'T HAVE TO.

A single man can be the spark that ignites a flame of change strong enough to light the entire world.

I am the one who sees, and I will bring my light to all who can perceive it.

I am Lheticus.

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