About me

I'm twenty-six and almost done with a Teaching Physical Science degree from Brigham Young University. I enjoy reading anything with an outstanding character, particularly if they're clever and moral, so I like everything from biographies to science fiction. I like the idea of writing enough I have plans for a half dozen novels, within diverse genres(fantasy, historical fiction, contemporary fiction, science fiction), but I haven't gotten around to doing much on them yet.

I've thoroughly enjoyed Erfworld since 2011 or so, with a two year hiatus to serve a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Chicago. My submissions to the community, scattered and rare as they are in comparison to the amount of time I've spent thinking about them, are available for review below. I have enough ideas to write more, but little time. 

Not that that stops my silliest ideas from taking over more important things...

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26, LDS college student, almost a science teacher, loves reading, tries writing.




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