Because of horrific and unbearable events in our personal lives, Erfworld is permanently discontinued as a webcomic.

To those with a Date-a-mancy connection (our extended family of supporters and friends), more information is available at login.

You will know if you have a Date-a-mancy connection if your account has this badge on it:

The method we used to award this badge was crude and quick, and there's no doubt that we missed hundreds of beloved folks. (That includes a few people who never had an account on this site.)

If you feel you were overlooked, you're probably right. Please write [email protected] and remind us why your heart is entwined with ours. We could really stand to hear it right now.

For everyone else, here are the important FAQs:

Thank you for spending your time with us. That is pretty precious stuff to spend.

Rob and Linda Balder
October 11, 2019