Arrr! Gather round, mateys. The turn is over. Only the night watch remains on duty. Let me tell you a tale. A tale of the greatest pirate ever. A pirate greater than Plaid Jack or even Edward the Teacher himself. A pirate so fearsome that some think him merely a legend. I speak of Saint Elmo. Aye, that’s right, the Shockmancer too great for The Box, too wicked for the City of Heroes, and too good for Hellabad. Legend has it that the Titans took him into their own crew and that he serves them to this day, producing Shockmancy for their storms and lighting the mainmasts of the disrespectful on fire. Know ye, this is why Seafarers pay respect to Shockmancers above all other casters. If proper respect is shown, he lights a mast with his own fire of blue or purple that deals no hits and protects it from the blasts of a regular storm.

Still, even with all this power tradition gives him today, Saint Elmo started out as a simple Seafarer, one such as you and I. Even less of one, truth be told, for he popped in no port or hold, but far from the sea. None know exactly when he popped, or where, whether it was in the time of the ninety-nine or just after, but it was long, long ago…

Elmo sighed as he looked around the hex. It was a shore hex, sea, with just a hint of land along one border. The ship's boat he was in was suitable for his needs, but just barely. With only him in it, it had but one Move, and he couldn’t risk entry into a deep ocean hex. He had the Seafarer special to give it move, but this boat really needed at least four crew to safely enter deep ocean. Besides that, it would really be best if at least one of them had a true nautical special as well, such as Navigator, or Rigger, or—or something. Elmo was a Seafarer, but he was a Caster, a Shockmancer—and he was all alone.

He ran his fingers through his hair as he scanned the horizon again, looking for signs of a ship. Elmo wasn’t a particularly handsome man, he had bushy red hair all over his head and you almost couldn’t tell where his hair stopped, and his beard began. His eyes bugged out some and his mouth was perhaps wider than normal. His arms and his legs were a touch longer than most, and the red hair that covered them almost made him look like a bright red ape wearing both a black and white striped shirt and a pair of short black trousers. But he wasn't an ape, the Titans had made him a man, for what it was worth.

Most barbarian men didn’t live more than a turn—a feral or natural ally race can forage for maintenance, but men need schmuckers as well as forage—and that means finding treasure or, more usual for barbarians, raiding. Elmo had popped several turns before, inland, over a turn’s travel from the sea.

The sun was just peeking over the eastern hex border as Shockmancer Elmo came into being.  There was a soft *pop* as his body displaced the air above the grass where he now knelt. If he had come into being in some city courtyard, very likely there would have been a ruler or a warlord to nod approvingly at his existence. Casters were rare, and combat casters such as him were valuable. Unfortunately, the only observers were the Titans themselves and a few flying pigs grazing in the tops of the scrub trees nearby.

Where am I? Elmo thought. No, scratch that, who and what am I? The last two questions at least, he had answers for, Elmo Atwood: Specials [Caster (Shockmancer), Seafarer]. What’s a Seafarer? What’s a Shockmancer? And the answers came to him. The Titans had put him on Erf to sail the high seas and to manipulate the force of Erf using Motion and Matter to change the world around him.

And do what?

He was a free caster. He could do as he would—and suffer the consequences. But he had no seas to sail, and the pigs flying around him didn’t look like they were worth attacking. So, Elmo picked a direction at random and set out walking.

It seemed that to offset popping him so far from the sea, the Titans had given Elmo a store of Natural Luckamancy, something any Seafarer would want. He had popped only a hex away from the level one city of Hormel in the Safeway Empire. It was a tiny place, King Albertson always had something more important to do than improve it, and the half stack of level one mixed infantry were well aware of the lack of honor they were shown by garrisoning there.

“Hey Louis. Wazzat?”

“Dunno Charlie. Unit?”

“Duh. Call da warlady?”

“Nah. She'll just give orders. Wait ‘til it gets closer.”

So, Louis and Charlie waited until Elmo approached closer before they did anything. Then when he did get close enough to make out easily, they started arguing again.

“Hey Louis. He look like a Seafarer or a red ape to you?”

“Dunno Charlie. Both? Go tell Lady Marie we gotta barbarian.”

“You go; I saw him first.”

“That’s why you gotta go, you got a better view of it and can give a better report.”

“I gotta better idea, Louis. Let’s make Jean go.”

“Yup. You gotta better idea.” Then they both laughed evilly, and Louis walked over to the gatehouse and went inside. There were a few muffled thumps, then a crash, then Louis came out pushing a third, much larger unit who was rubbing his head.

“You see that red ape Seafarer out there, Jean? Go tell Lady Marie about it. And hurry up. If you weren’t sleeping, she would have been here already.”

After a few minutes, Warlady Marie Cointreau climbed to the top of the stairs, breathing heavily in her orange-inlaid armor. She normally spent her days down in the city--drinking. She used to walk the walls looking at al the hexes she couldn’t travel to any more now that she was a garrison unit, but eventually the longing to use her Move became too much for her. Now she just drank, and only climbed the walls when she was called.

“You idiots called me up here for that? For one unit? Do you want night watch?” She shouted. The other garrison unit, Bertrand, was on night watch right now for breaking one of her bottles. That meant walking solo patrol all the way around the entire city all night long. No-one wanted the night watch; it was a boring waste of time since nothing could move or attack at night, but Warlady Marie thought it was important. Probably why she was out here with them.

“We're Pikers, and Jean's a Stabber. Bertrand’s an Archer. If he was here, he could shoot it. All we can do is look at it. You can give orders.” Louis said sullenly.

“Shut up, I want to think.”

As Louis obeyed this order, a new voice called out. “Ahoy the city!”

Marie waved Charlie to reply so he did, “Hello, down there, who are you?”

“I'm Elmo Atwood. Whose city is this?”

“This is Hormel, owned by my king, Albertson of the Safeway Empire!”

“I’m looking for the sea. Can you help?”

“Well, I'll ask my warlady, but I don't think she'll want to. Uh, she's already got one, you see?” The other two infantrymen on the wall snickered at this. Marie stared at him for a moment, then she shook her head and smiled too.


“She's already got one!”

“Are you sure?”

“Oh, yeah,” Charlie replied, “it's really great.” Everyone else put their hands over their mouths so they wouldn’t laugh out loud

“Well, um, can I come up and have a look?”

“Of course not! You’re a barbarian!”

“But I’m a Seafarer, I’m supposed to sail upon the sea. What unit type are you?”

“I'm a Piker! Why do you think I have this outrageous long pike, you silly Seafarer!”

“What are you doing with the sea then?”

“Mind your own business!”

Elmo began to realize he was being toyed with. “If you won't show me the sea, I'll take your city by force and take it from you!” He didn’t precisely know what the sea was, but he knew he wanted it.

“You don't frighten me, Barbarian Seafarer! ---Go and boil some beef, servant of a silly unit. I blow my nose at you, so-called Red Ape-Seafarer, you and every other silly barbarian Seeeaaafarer. Thppppt!”

“Now look here-" Elmo started to say.

“I don't want to talk to you no more, you empty headed boat side wiper! I fart in your general direction!  Your warlord was a narwhale and your ruler smelt of seaweed!”

“Is there someone else up there I could talk to?”

Charlie looked over at Marie who was biting her hand to keep from laughing. She shook her head, so he replied, “No, now go away or I’ll taunt you a second time!”

Elmo's ears began to turn as red as his hair. “Look, this is your last chance. I've been really patient.”

Marie whispered to Jean, “Fetch the chamber pot.”


"Fetch!” she hissed.

So, he shuffled into the guardhouse and returned gingerly carrying a full chamber pot. Marie knew she couldn’t do damage with this as a ranged weapon, but she figured she could get close enough for Elmo to get the idea. Down below, Elmo was starting to speak more heatedly.

“If you don't let me see your sea, then I’ll-"

Marie let fly with a grunt—and a double crit. She was right about one thing, without the special Ranged (Chamber pot) she couldn’t do any damage. A double crit made sure the lid stayed on until it hit Elmo—at which point it emptied onto him.

“Titans! Charge!”

Charge is the very last thing you want to hear when you have surprised a Shockmancer. It means that whatever you did would have shocked a normal unit. Shockmancers however, have a spell for getting extra juice when they’re attacked in this manner. They know it by instinct from the moment they're popped. This is why Shockmancy duels go on so long.

“NO BOATIN'!” With a shout, Elmo threw his Hoboken spell at Marie who was foolish enough to stand and watch the effects of her attack. As a Shockmancer, Elmo's Hoboken was considerably more effective than the average caster's one. It hit her, shocked her, and threw her back five feet, which also happened to be off the side of the walkway. She fell to the courtyard, and if you want to know what she did next, you’ll have to ask the Titans, because that’s who she went to next.

The rest of the engagement was even more of a joke than the way it started. The three remaining useless infantrymen went and got their one archer and then threw open the gates. Bertrand and Elmo traded shots until Elmo was at half hits and Bertrand was croaked, and then Louis, Charlie and Jean clawed at the gateway while Elmo picked them off one by one. As garrison troops they couldn’t leave the city and as unled units they couldn’t disengage. Then Elmo marched in and took the city.

It wasn’t a capital site, so he couldn’t become a ruler with a treasury. It had an income, a tiny one, that along with the equally tiny gems on the warlord’s sword, went into his purse, and the next turn, right back out of it again for his upkeep. Elmo would have to find something more than this pretty quickly, or he'd depop from starvation. He spent those turns wandering the city, looking it over carefully. He was disappointed not to find the sea. He did find something else though.

Being a level one city, it only had room for two specialized buildings. For some reason the ruler (or the Titans) had seen fit to give it both a hog butchery and a library. The one was heavily used, the other, covered in dust. When Elmo converted the butchery to producing rations as well as schmuckers, he could feed himself and lower his upkeep to what the city would produce. Now he had a net income—of 1 schmucker, several rations a turn--and a library.

As he started reading, he realized how precarious his position was. While the town of Hormel was probably the least important part of the Safeway empire, the king would want it back, and Elmo’s chances of staying alive after that were unlikely at best. The king would likely want vengeance along with the city. With the maps Elmo had, he finally learned what a sea was, and more importantly, where it was.

He also learned how big the Safeway Empire was and where the nearest cities were. He guessed he had at best two more turns before a half stack of knights or so would show up to find out what was going on and how the city had been lost. Elmo had no illusions he could handle anyone but the incompetent garrison he already had croaked all by himself. He had to get out of town quick.

He didn’t have much time to do the research he so desperately needed to gain skills and raise his level. Why had the Titans given him the Seafarer special and then put him a full turn's travel from the sea? Even if he got there, what was he supposed to do without a ship or a crew? There were no books on Shockmancy, none on sea battles, and only one on piracy—and this he read carefully.

Elmo looked at the maps of the region again and finally decided on a plan. He went through the tiny library again and took every map and every book that mentioned Shockmancy or sailing in any way and then, the next morning after a full breakfast, razed the city to the ground. The schmuckers he got from this would last a level one caster many turns, and he’d need all of them. Elmo threw his books and maps into in a poorly fabricated pack and headed southeast through the trackless brush towards the Keys of Sea Major.

As one of his maps showed, the next two hexes were labelled Rough Ground, but that particular terrain type described a wide variety of hexes that caused half move without any other interesting features. In this case it was thorny brush. Elmo wasn’t worried though. As long as he was careful and didn’t leave any obvious trace, he had entered the hex, no one would think to search it when there were much more pleasant hexes to search. Not only that, the next hex after it led to Forest, and that one led him to a Shore hex. Why would anyone choose the slowest path to the sea? For that matter, why would any land unit choose any path to the sea at all? He'd probably have to spend the night in the forest, but he could hide from anyone but a Lookamancer there. Elmo looked back at the ruins of Hormel one last time to make sure he was moving in the right direction and then turned into the sun, toward the Sea and his new life.

The first part of his journey went exactly as planned. The sun rose before him as he crossed the hex and passed over his head as he crossed over the next. Then, early in the afternoon, he approached the border he was headed for. This hex and those few connected to it had no grand name like the Shady Forest or even The Sea Shore Wood Stand, they were just there. Still, the trees had that ominous looming stance all forests have that unnerves non-forest capable units.

The trees all looked like they were standing above Elmo, with their branches raised like arms, holding great bundles of leaves, ready to drop them on him and trap him so something else could croak him. The Seafarer in him yearned to chop them up and the Shockmancer itched to burn them down, but Elmo knew he needed them for cover, so he left the trees alone for now. Still, he wondered what else was using those trees the way he was, as cover from prying eyes.

Finally, just a third of the way through the forest hex, Elmo ran out of Move. He thought he could have pushed a little further into the hex, but he knew he’d pay for it later, so he tried to pile himself some branches up for a shelter and sleep for the night. He gathered some stones together to make a fire pit, and then spent some Juice lighting a campfire. Elmo didn’t know if there were any dangerous ferals out there, but if there were, the fire kept them away all night. The next morning his purse shrank, his Move returned, and he ate another ration of bacon to prepare for the turn ahead.

Not having a compass or the Scouting special, Elmo had drawn an arrow on the ground when he went to sleep, pointing the direction he was going. Every tree looked like another to him, and he wasn’t sure he could see which border of the hex the sun was rising from with the trees in the way. He gathered his pack, and headed southeast again, wandering through the forest, trying to make his way to the sea.

It was about noon before he finally hit the hex boundary. He must have walked farther than he wanted, because he didn’t hit it at quite the right angle. When he crossed though, even though he was still surrounded by trees, he could smell the sea for the first time in his short life. He was in the right hex, there was no way he could get lost now.

Shore hexes are actually two terrain types. In a way they count as both ocean hex and whatever land they are next to. In this case, it was forest. Normally Elmo would have had a move penalty for travelling through forest, but a Seafarer with the smell of the sea in his nose could cross that hex as if it were flat plains—and he did.

In barely half an hour he had made it from the boundary he had just crossed out of the true forest hex to the thin strip sand that separated the wood from water. There he was, gazing on the sparkling majesty that defined half his purpose in life. The thin strip of golden sand sloped down to the rolling waves and from there to the majestic blue expanse covering the rest of the hex. The sun glittered off the water brightly as the waves rolled in and out, with the peaks and troughs further out giving the terrain a life that the dead, motionless land never had for all of its greenery.

Elmo ran down the beach to the shore, ran into the wonderful-smelling water and found a new, unpleasant surprise. Although he could swim, being a Seafarer, his Move immediately dropped to zero. He could stay afloat for a turn, but he couldn’t move without a ship. And he’d need a ship; he was a caster, not a carpenter; he couldn’t just make one. Elmo scrambled back to the shore and scanned the horizon—nothing. He had made it to the sea, but he would need to come up with a new plan or all he could do was look at it. So, Elmo did what any marooned Seafarer would do. He camped on the beach and made a smoke signal.

Two turns later there was a ship on the horizon. It anchored off the coast and sent a ship’s boat over to investigate the signal. There were four Seafarers dressed like Elmo, but in blue and white instead of black and white who were rowing, and an officer in the stern with a megaphone giving orders. He had a dark blue uniform on with a gold epaulette on his left shoulder and was wearing a bicorn hat with the points from front to back. “Ahoy the shore!”

“Ahoy the boat!”

“State yer name, rating, flag, and mission!” The four crewmen and the ship's officer had not actually landed.

“Elmo Atwood, Shockmancer first level, barbarian, seeking berthing.” It was so good to talk to someone who understood how to talk.

“Yer a barbarian Shockmancer seeking berthing?”

“Aye! And a Seafarer! I wont cost you Move! Who do I have the pleasure of addressing?”

“Lieutenant Dan! Of His Majesty Albertson's Safeway Imperial Navy!”

The Safeway Navy. Oh dear, this could be a problem. Elmo thought. Maybe they don’t know who I am. “Are you on mission right now?”

“Nah. Just general patrol. You know, you look like a red ape. Say, if you’ll pinky swear not to attack us, we'll take you aboard and ask the captain if you can sign on. I’ll bet the king would love to have a combat caster crewed on one of his ships.”

Red Ape, huh? You’re going to be sorry for that. Elmo thought, but all he said was, “Aye, aye, Lieutenant.” And held up a hooked little finger.

When the ship’s boat landed and Lieutenant Dan got out, Elmo saw that Lieutenant Dan had two peg legs.

“Ah, I see you noticed my jury legs.” Lieutenant Dan said. “The Titans gave me those to make up for giving me a wonderful sense of direction. No ship I’ve steered has ever gone off course.”

They locked fingers and each made an oath.

“In the name of the Safeway Empire I, Lieutenant Dan, swear that if we are treated honorably, we will offer no threat to Seafarer Elmo Atwood and will return him to safe landfall.”

“I, Shockmancer Elmo Atwood, swear no threat of any kind to any unit of the Safeway Empire until at least three turns after one does major damage to me.”

Lieutenant Dan smiled broadly at how binding this pinky swear was and they all got into the boat and headed to the ship.

“Ahoy the Guppy! Lieutenant Dan returning. Requesting permission to bring a barbarian aboard!”

“Is it a prisoner?” a woman's voice called down.

“No, but he’s bound by oath to do no harm to our side for three turns!”

“Come aboard!”

They all went up the rope ladder thrown over the side of the ship and Elmo looked around with satisfaction at his first time treading a real deck. He was finally where he really belonged. Now the problem was, how would he make himself a place here? In front of him was a female unit in a white uniform with a gold epaulette on her right shoulder. She her hands on her hips and was looking him up and down carefully.

“I’m Lieutenant Trixie Lepus, First Officer of His Majesty's Ship Guppy. You’ve met Lieutenant Dan, our Navigator, who are you.”

“I’m Elmo Atwood, a level one Shockmancer and Seafarer. I’m looking for a berth on a ship. I popped on land, but the Titans made me to sail.”

“Well, let's see what the captain says. Dan, go see if he's busy.”

“Aye, aye, ma'am.” Lieutenant Dan ran aft, his wooden feet clattering against the deck and disappeared up a narrow ladder.

“We run a tight ship.” Trixie said. “When you get an order from a superior, you run. The ship is more important than the Seafarer, and the higher the rank the better idea you have of what's good for the ship.”

Lieutenant Dan quickly returned, followed by a short, stout officer with a large nose and a bushy white mustache. He was wearing the same blue uniform as the lieutenant, but with two epaulettes and the hat turned sideways and with a large letter ‘C’ right in the middle. It was clear just from the way he walked that he was the captain Trixie was talking about.

Behind Elmo, the Seafarers had finished raising the ship’s boat out of the water and were starting to lash it to the side of the ship as the captain approached. They paused to throw a quick salute in his direction before returning to their labors. The captain’s wide smile turned to a confused frown as he approached Elmo and looked him over. He motioned for his first officer to bend down and he whispered in her ear for a short while. Then he turned to Lieutenant Dan. “Is this the Shockmancer?”

“Aye, sir.”

“Did you actually see any Shockmancy?”

"Er, no sir.”

“Did you quiz him on nautical matters?”

“Er, no sir.”

“So, a barbarian red ape with somewhat nautical Signamancy calls himself a Seafarer and a Shockmancer and you just—believe—him.”

“He swore an oath, sir.”

“He swore not to harm us, Lieutenant, did he swear he was a Shockmancer?”

At this point Elmo exploded. “I AM GETTING TIRED OF BEING CALLED A RED APE! YOU WANT PROOF I'M A SHOCKMANCER; YOU WANT PROOF I'M A SEAFARER? FINE! I'LL PROVE IT!” Most level one casters only know a few spells. With Elmo's additional special of Seafarer, he knew a fourth, something only Seafarer Shockmancers could do. He could draw juice directly from the ship’s masts. Elmo stomped over to the ship’s mainmast, laid one hand on it, and with the other, began blasting fire in every direction.

Fire is the Seafarer’s greatest weapon, greatest enemy, and greatest fear. The only time a Seafarer will use it willingly is as a beam weapon in battle. Most would rather get repairs in dock than start up a forge, and the ship’s cook is always watched carefully. Half the crew gathered sand and water to fight the fire and half gathered weapons to fight Elmo. But he had too great an advantage. Elmo was using their ship as well as their fears against them.

Every time they’d move in for the attack, he’d start another fire, and then a few more would peel off to fight it. The captain himself seemed frozen and Lieutenant Trixie was too busy directing firefighting efforts to direct the battle. Meanwhile, Lieutenant Dan’s orders were more directed toward protecting the men. “Get down! Shut up!”  So, they did.

Eventually, Elmo did Trixie the favor of taking the captain's head off with a crit. This gave her the authority she needed. “All hands abandon ship!” She called out. So, they did. Elmo ignored her and continued blasting—he had juice and he was still angry.

Then when the ship was abandoned, Elmo realized he had started an inferno and he didn’t have a spell to end it. He still had a little time left before it overcame him, so he ran to where the captain had come from, looking for maps and books. He found a half-full sea chest of them, tossed his own pack in it and dragged it out through the quickly thickening smoke.

Elmo managed to make it to the main deck by crawling, and found one ship’s boat still there—the one he had come aboard in. He struggled to get his newly captured chest aboard the boat and then snapped the ropes with another fire blast. The boat fell to the sea below, and it was only the scant Move he gave it that kept it from capsizing. Elmo managed to awkwardly row the boat away from the doomed Guppy before it finally succumbed, first to the flames—then to a total failure to remain afloat, sinking beneath the waves with a burst of steam and smoke.

The only thing that showed it was ever there was a tiny flotilla of ship’s boats headed quickly for the hex's border, a few charred planks, and the Captain's hat bobbing slowly toward Elmo. Elmo reached out and fished it out of the water. He turned it over in his hands and looked at it for a moment, then set it in the boat instead of on his head. He wasn’t a captain, he was a Shockmancer.

Four more turns passed, and Elmo was both running short and growing sick of bacon. He had left the hex he had captured his boat in, following the shoreline, to find he only gave it one Move per turn. He was able to make landfall in the next hex for rest though, as it also had a small stream running to the sea. Elmo was using up his schmuckers at a much faster rate now. Sinking a ship of the line single-handedly, croaking its captain and winning the engagement had put him up to level three. He had more Juice per turn, but he needed more schmuckers and more food.

If he had any skill at Fabrication, he would have made himself a fishing line, but he was a Shockmancer, not a carpenter. He needed a full crew to stay alive. So, Elmo slept ashore and then every morning after breakfast, he rowed his boat out to the middle of the hex to study, and wait, and hope that the next ship to happen by would be luckier for him—and that he wouldn’t lose his temper.

He was deep in his studies when the ship came between him and the sun. “Ahoy the boat. What are you doing out here all by yer lonesome?”

Elmo looked up to see a ship a good deal smaller and in a good deal worse repair than the Guppy looming over him. The man leaning over the gunwales was dressed in shoddy armor and had eyes as bugged out as Elmo's. His mouth was just as wide, and his hair and his beard were just as scruffy. The other man could have been Elmo's twin—except for having dark green hair and bushy brown eyebrows.

“I’m waiting for you. Who are you anyway?”

“How can you be waiting for me if you don’t know who I am?”

“Well, you have a ship, and I’m looking for a berthing.”

“A berthing, eh? What sort of unit be you?”

“I asked you first.”

“Heh, heh, heh. I'm Oscar the Foul-tempered. Captain of the Barbarian Ship Sesame.”

“Well, I'm Elmo Atwood, Shockmancer third level, commander of the ship's boat Guppy.”

“From off the Safeway Empire Sailing Ship Guppy?”

“Aye, I croaked her captain, sank his ship, stole his charts, and now I want to swear on to your ship.”

“And how were you going to prove that mighty boast?” Captain Oscar asked, showing no sign of the foul temper he was named for.

Elmo held up the captain's hat and showed him the char marks on it.

Captain Oscar grinned widely and shouted over his shoulder, “Guess what boys? Good news! Crunch is croaked and we’ve got a new crewman! Bert! Ernie! Get this boat up and lashed to, double time!” He turned back to Elmo. “I think you belong with us, mate. This is going to be the beginning of a profitable journey.”


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    • WizWom

      InvaderTim, Elmo held exactly to the pinky swear. Remember, the Archer did major damage to him, three turns prior.

      That Captain Crunch was unaware of the situation isn't Elmo's fault, now is it?

      • InvaderTim

        Re: The pinky swear...

        To pirates, Signamancy agreements and Pinky Swears are more like "guidelines" than rules, savvy? smiley-wink.gif

        • benjals95

          Haha a well done story. I don't usually read fanfics, but yours drew me in right away. Great writing! It matches the feel of the rest of Erfworld.

          • pawnhamster

            A grand piece!

            I loved the Monty Python and sesame street references smiley-laughing.gif

            The pinky ruse was a good one, they didn't blink an eye at that one.

            • a7i20ci7y

              I was expecting the barbarian crew to be called The Soggies.

              • Bandaid

                I totally skipped/forgot about the part where he got hit by Bertrand. So his pinky swear was completely nonbinding from the start. Looks like he got a bit of a Carnymancer in him. Thanks for the explanation.

                • tadthornhill

                  He promised not to attack until at least three turns after being seriously injured by a Safeway unit. He was brought to half hits four turns before that by Bertrand.

                  I figured he would have got a full purse and lost the rest from the city sacking, but if Dove has an upkeep with rations of 75 from the wiki, then a level one caster has got to be a good deal less. That's over ten turns for her, so I figured "many" was accurate enough.

                  I should have put in something about him not getting the whole sacking though. Thanks a whole bunch for the feedback.

                  • Bandaid

                    Well you should really not call him a red ape, thats for sure. Otherwise you might be in for a shocking experience.

                    Looks he lucked out with his popping position, having a source of Shmuckers nearby.

                    From a mechanics point of view, I am a bit unsure how he got out of his pinky swear. Yeah he attacked the ship and not a unit but  you wrote that he took the captains head of with a crit. That should have triggered his pinky swear unless I am missing something.

                    Also, when he sacked the city his limited purse should have been a major hindrance. We do not have hard data on how purses work but fanon has them at 1000 Shmuckers per level.

                    Anyway, thanks for filling the update gap with your stories. After all we can never get enough Erfworld around here.