Um. What mailing list?

Occasionally we want to get in touch with the Erfworld readers about something. Right now we're just using site news, Facebook, Twitter, and Kickstarter to do that, and it's kind of scattershot. We'd like to have one channel to reach the portion of the audience that actually gives a boop about what's going on with Erfworld, so we've got a mailing list.

What are you going to send me? Is this going to be spam?

Well, it won't be about generic Canadian drugs and all-natural male enhancement, but it's hard to say exactly what I'll be sending. It'll be for special Erfworld news and discoveries that I think might be of interest, like if we're setting up an event somewhere or I need volunteers for something. If I happen to strike some deal with a game company and have a discount code to send you, that's about as commercial as it would get. Or maybe I'll find a book or a game I really like and send you an Amazon Affiliate link to it or something. I'll try not to bug you unless it's good stuff that I know is worth sharing.

How often am I going to be seeing mail from you?

If it exceeds one email a month I will be shocked. We sent zero emails to it during the first year we had it.

Can I unsubscribe?

Absolutely. There will be a link at the bottom of every email, which I think is even the law at this point.

Are you going to sell/give/trade my email address to anyone else?

No, nay, never. See our privacy policy.