About the Comic

Erfworld is a fantasy/humor story, with heavy elements of gaming and strategy. It's about Parson Gotti, an obsessive strategy gamer from Columbus, Ohio, who is summoned into Erfworld, a gamelike world in a constant state of war. Parson has no idea how anything works, but they put him in charge of an army anyway. The military situation he faces is hopeless, and if he wants to live through the next week, he'll need a plan...

The comic launched on December 7, 2006 at Giant in the Playground, home of Rich Burlew's legendary D&D comic "The Order of the Stick." Book 1 was illustrated by webcomics veteran and Super Art Fighter Jamie Noguchi.

In May of 2009, Erfworld moved to its own website, and Jamie handed off the brush to artist Xin Ye, who was a fan of the story already. Book 2 began in October 2009 and wrapped up in December 2013, with epilogues by artist David Hahn. David took over as primary illustrator for Book 3, but bowed out for personal reasons, leading Xin to return to the project as penciler. Finnish illustrator Lauri Ahonen took the reins on inks and colors until Lillian Chen, our current inker/colorist, stepped up to take over for Lauri. Erfworld is written by Rob Balder, who began his career in webcomics in 2001 as creator of PartiallyClips.

A new comic page or illustrated text update is posted every Tuesday and Friday, by midnight (Eastern time). Prose stories about our Kickstarter backers (also known as Backer Stories) occasionally update on Sundays.

About the Website was substantially redesigned in May 2016. All updates, site news, and featured fan creations appear on the main page. You can filter the posts to show whatever kind of content you are looking for, or search for a particular post or keyword. You can get to the main page from anywhere on the site by clicking the Erfworld logo at the top.

Readers are able to submit their own links, stories, comics, videos, art, and Erfworld and/or gaming related content to the site. You can view all the fan-submitted posts which have not been featured on the main page by clicking Submissions.

If your submission is chosen to be published on the site, you will be given credit and rewarded with "Shmuckers," our site currency, named after the unit of money in Erfworld. Shmuckers can be redeemed for credit when you purchase items from the Erfworld store. For now (and the foreseeable future) one Shmucker is worth ten cents' worth of credit against your purchase (does not apply to shipping and handling costs). Besides spending Shmuckers, you can also give them to other site users as a "tip" for content that you really enjoyed. Each post will have an option to send some of your own Shmuckers to the person who submitted it.

Erfworld is free to read and fan-supported! Members of the Toolshed subscriber program automagically have their entire subscription fees turned into Shmuckers. So if you are a Tool, you should see your Shmuckers balance on your own user page, along with special badges and trophies you may have earned while being a fan of the comic. Shmuckers can also be purchased directly from the Erfworld store.