Hey. Remember these lil guys?

fierce and loyal, but to whom?

This is the exclusive armored, decrypted red dwagon plushie from our first Kickstarter. It has silver-colored cloth claws, an armored hood, a big crescent-shaped horn, articulable wings, an armored back, and black boots and gauntlets.


fierce and loyal, but to whom?


We made only 600 of them, and the only way to get one was to pledge that project. I promised that we'd never sell them, and we never will. Since Year of the Dwagon, I have given a small number of these to charity auctions at the various conventions we've attended, and given a couple more to Team Erfworld members and family. But now we're going to give you a chance to get one, yourself!

From now until further notice, the best article, comic, story, or other piece of content posted to our streams each month will receive an armored decrypted red plushie. "Best" is 100% subjective and 100% my call. But my criteria will lean toward "most enjoyed by Erfworld fans" so your comments and tips to the article author will have an effect on my decision.

We have also introduced a new site badge, called "PUBLISHED," for anyone whose submissions were promoted to one of our streams. These should be showing up in your profile now, if you're one of the 35 users who qualify so far (not all submissions are promoted).

more new badges rolling out soon


So drag out your game-related short stories or Erfworld fanfic and finish them up to submit. Let's see some fan comics and art! If you've got a YouTube channel on model painting, GM tips, game reviews, etc., write it up and submit it. We want to see you sharing what you can do with other Erfworld readers!