Arkenhammers, Erfmovers and badges from our first two Make/100 projects are out, for everyone who filled in their pledge survey.


Meanwhile, there's just a pew hours to go on our current Make/100 Kickstarter, and we're still pretty far from our goal. Please consider making a pledge of any kind to get a site badge, and to help us keep working toward a return to updates. The art team is building Erfworld's future, but we have to pay them in the present. Need your help with that.




    • balder

      Copying a reply I made on the Facebook group here:


      I'll definitely need to do a better job explaining how expensive a project this is, and why we need to do it this way.

      The money we're raising is to pay the art team. Connor and Brendon are creating the basic components of everything in Erfworld - cities, terrain, interiors, items, units, characters (rigged for posing in scenes), and a whole lot of new places and people we'll see in Book 5+. These guys are skilled 3D modelers, and Xin is helping them along as much as she can, despite her limited availability due to family demands. We're paying all of them industry-competitive rates, because they are really, really earning it and we want to keep them. There's also a minimum of $10,000 in hardware and software costs associated with doing it this way.

      But. It's still a bargain. Remember when Book 3 was going to be a novel unless we raised a budget to pay the artists about $65,000? Sounds like a lot of money until you consider it as a professional salary for a couple of years. And it wasn't even enough. The book ran long and we brought in Lauri and needed another $35,000. This project will be a cheaper way to make a book when it's said and done. Also, a faster one. Also, easier. Also, more panels in an update. Also, more intricate scenes in a panel.

      If we want to go on with the series, we don't really have a choice other than to make this pivot. Book 5 would be impossible amount of work for 2D artists to do on anything like a regular schedule, and both artists were not up for that kind of grind again. Trying to do the series as novels won't work, either. *I* wouldn't survive that grind, and I wouldn't be happy with what came out of it. So we're doing roughs in 3D, rendered for comic panels and text illustrations.

      If we can't pull it off, then Erfworld just goes away. But based on the fast progress we're making, it looks really doable within the year.