The latest Make/100 Kickstarter is just 24 hours long. I'm posting this at the 4 hour mark or so, we're more than 1/3 to the funding goal and more than half the Arkenhammers are gone.


What exactly is the reward/collectible?


Why, this thing right here (give it a bit to load, we're working on load times and some materials issues):


click-drag to orbit and scroll-wheel to zoom

Yes, the very Arkentool itself. Its Holyness is newly modeled by Connor, and textured by Brendon, along with Stanley the Tool's chair and desk and various desktop acoutrements (the whole office is beautifully modeled for future comics now).


Only 100 of these will ever be made. Please consider pledging to keep the 3D modeling project going. The art team is working hard, but it's a long road and an expensive one, and this is how we get back to updating.




    • Skull the Troll

      I'd really like a 5 dollar unlimited "Get the Badge" option. I love collecting these, but dropping up to 100 dollars twice a month is unsustainable for me. I really sympathize with your situation and I want to be supportive. I'm hoping I'm helping with this idea to make you even more money to bring Erfworld back, better than before.

      • Ansan Gotti

        Just a suggestion, maybe for these short 24- and 48- hour KS's, you could offer a site badge catchup option for some amount higher than $1?  Could be a win-win!  I'd be very glad to do that, personally.

        • Ansan Gotti

          Bummer, would have totally supported or at least kicked in for the badge had I received this in time...

          • TheDarkOne


            Nope, most only galive the badge at the first "full" reward tier. I donated to Print Book 2 but don't have a badge, for playing cards e-goodies was a $10 minimum.

            • Haplo

              Nope, missed it.


              Perhaps you could add an option like the Rain or Shine tickbox on to the Toolbox page for those who would contribute $1 or a nominated amount to get the badge for these objects?

              • Omnimancer

                @TheDarkOne - Maybe I’m misremembering, but hasn’t every kickstarter (or at least the recent ones) given a badge to everyone who donates at least $1?

                • TheDarkOne

                  @ Udat

                  Badges and some of the qualifiers have bothered me since their introduction. Too many of the Kickstarters had badges at levels I wasn't comfortable with. Welcome to the Club and don't sweat it, learned to enjoy the digital shinnies you do have

                  • udat

                    I feel like I only got the email about this kickstarter this morning, and already it's too late to take part.  While I wasn't quick enough to get an affordable Shovel, I still chipped in $10 to get the badge, and would have again to keep my kickstarter badge streak going.  Now that I've missed one, that weird compulsion is broken. 24 hours might not be a long enough campaign.

                    • Bandaid


                      You will have other chances as we will need more backers in the future.

                      • OneHugeTuck

                        That's twice that by the time I saw notice they were all sold out.

                        Bummer.  I'd buy.  

                        • Omnimancer

                          A cheaper and unlimited during the kickstarter item might earn just as much money, while being more sustainable long term. If the items were a flat, say, $5, I don't think it's farfetched to hope for 1000 buyers to hit a $5,000 goal. Or close enough that the $1 pledges make up the difference.

                          You could also still have higher tiers for the few Erfworld fans that can afford to spend $50+ each week. Perhaps a limited version of the item with a magical glow added to it. Or some other special perk a big spender would find appealing.

                          This would also let you have a much lower kickstarter goal, something you're guaranteed to hit, so you can be sure of making some chunk of kickstarter money each week, even if sometimes it falls below $5050.

                          • Bandaid

                            The Erfworld fan base might pull trough once again but it is going to be tight.

                            I am not convinced this 1 to 100 bucks model is sustainable, even if the Kickstarter went for 48 hours. 100 bucks is a lot of money and 99, 98, 97, etc is not much better. We got a couple of "whales" who have sufficient disposable income to spend it on Erfworld like that but not that many people who can do so every week. I would like the collectibles but I simply cannot afford them at this rate. The first Kickstarter was a one time occurence with my 60$+ pledge. That would be my problem. But if not enough people can (or want to) afford the collectibles it becomes Erfworlds problem.


                            Anybody got any bright ideas?


                            Apparently 20.200 Bucks are needed (4 times 5050) a month.


                            If Rob made the collectibles less exclusive but cheaper we might get more backers but would get a lot less per backer.


                            Make only one Kickstarter per month and give all four planned bagdes and collectibles? Might help prevent Kickstarter fatigue but is probably more work for Rob an Co (I do not know how Kickstarter works behind the scenes ).

                            • TheDarkOne

                              This also feels hot on the heels of the last one.  Too many too fast is gonna burn some of us out given the limited rewards and the pricing structure of them. I was only willing to do an $83 pledge on the first one since I haven't been paying for updates most of 2019.

                              • rosebud

                                While I appreciate the double entendre and I hope it funds, putting KICKSTARTER in the subject line here may have helped. I didn't realize there was a new kickstarter and it has been a busy day. It was only when I saw the email -- something I may easily have missed in time as it ends in 3 hours -- that I noticed there was a new and brief kickstarter.

                                • balder

                                  @Omnimancer One of the feasible longer-term goals would be to port these locales into Unity or another game engine and allow you to fly through the halls and over the rooftops. Could be browser or VR or both.


                                  The tech exists. There's nothing but time, money, and hard work between what we're creating for the comic and doing that. I guess it could be a 2020 thing, after the main modeling project is done and Horrible Thing 2 is resolved and we're updating on a sustainable production schedule.

                                  • ThisIsNotDan

                                    I was worried at first that you'd forgotten to model the whistle in the handle, but then I spotted it. Well done!

                                    • Snowgods

                                      You can't handle Stanley's Tool.

                                      The Hula Lamp would be cool

                                      • Omnimancer

                                        If the whole office is beautifully modeled, maybe later on we can buy entire locations as 3D collectibles? It'd be neat to own an intricate diorama of Stanley's office and other locations (without the Arkenhammer, erfmover and other items that are previously made limited in quantity).

                                        • Bandaid

                                          I would rather not play with Stanley's Tool, might be a shocking experience.