True ending of Game of thrones

Dany: After faking her death with the help of Jon, Dany flew over to Mereen, where she established parlamentary democracy and spent the rest of her life ruling with Daario Naharis.
They had two children, Aegon and Missandei and never talked about Seven Kingdoms again.

Jon: After helping Dany fake her death and being exiled beyond the wall, Jon proclaimed himself King beyond the Wall with the help of Thormund.He established many schools (with the help of Sam) and villages (with the help of freshly disbanded Night Watch), before marrying Val, the sister of Dalla (the wife of Mance Rayder), and had 3 kids with her. He proclaimed Thormund his right hand. With their help, they established "True north strong and free" and parlamentary democracy, with Jon as king. Thormund was the first voted prime minister. They have friendly and trade relationship with Sansa's North.

Thormund: As a prime minister, he spent years building diplomatic relationships with former Seven Kingdoms of Westeros. During one of his trips to King's Landing, he met Sir Brienne of Tarth. In a whirlwind romance, she "kidnapped" him and had her way with him, before returning together to "True North Strong and Free". They now have two daughters, which other True Northmen describe as "monstrously strong children". Brienne has opened fencing school and is teaching proper knighthood to boys and girls alike. Their daughters and students will later create first modern police force.

Sam: With the help of a large number of educated True Strong and Free Northpeople, Sam invented steam engine, printing press, sanitation, running water, paper, toilet paper, vaccinations and antibiotics, thus transforming and ushering the world of Westeros into steampunk world. As a reward, he was given a place of minister of education and Tarly ancestral sword. Had two kids with Gilly. Was the first dean of university of Mormonto and was instrumental in establishing universal healthcare, free education and fair patent laws in all of Seven Kingdoms and True North Strong and Free.

Sansa: After establishing herself as a competent ruler and surviving the harsh winter, she remembered that her marriage to Tyrion was never annulled. After going to Casterly Rock to talk to him about it, they both realized that it would be much better politically if they stayed married and have at least one heir. Because Northmen would never let Lannister rule them, they formed a new house, Castark.
While on the way back to North, they found Arya's direwolf Nymeria and adopted her. Sansa had more children and grandchildren than Walder Frey (none of them were dwarfs) before dying at 70 years of age surrounded by her friends and family, like she always wanted. Tyrion remarried a year later (at 93) and died of heart attack on his wedding night, drunk as a skunk, with his belly full of wine and his cock in his virgin second wife's mouth, like HE always wanted.

Podrick Payne: Found the contortionist girl from Littlefinger's brothel Kayla and kept her as his mistress (and she kept and loved him). Together, they opened a school of comprehensive sex education in Flea Bottom and earned enough gold to pay Iron Bank twice over. Invented realistic version of Kamasutra with his mistress/concubine (called "(Ap)Peasin' the Pod"), which became the most printed and read book in the Seven Kingdoms and beyond at the time, thus ushering era of prosperity and happiness which lasted two hundred years. The sequel, "Pleasure through Payne", taught safe BDSM practices to everyone and was also a bestseller and together those two books make definitive advanced guidebook for sexual arts. Seven Kingdoms were never been happier (in bed). Starting from 2nd edition of "(Ap)Peasin' the Pod", the books have both Kayla and Pod as their authors on the front page. That small gesture made strong path to female emancipation and lead to the women's right to vote in Seven Kingdoms.

Arya: After lurking around for years, Arya finally found the fabled land west of Westeros, which she named Eddardo. Turned out to be the island of Nath later, after she met with Grey Worm during her exploration. After coming back home, she found Nymeria waiting for her. Went to True North Strong and Free and was that cool unmarried aunt (which lets you have sweets and has crazy adventures with you) to Jon and Sansa's children. Has only baked one another person into pie later in her life (they seriously deserved it and won't be missed).

Hot Pie: Worked as a baker and inn owner his whole life. Married a sweet girl, had a few kids with her, never left his village again. Works as quest giver and source of information for low level adventurers. But don't be fooled! He knows some very important people and he is a survivor. Also buys trinkets and vendor trash from low level adventurers. Good source for occasional free food, if you get your relationship mechanic with him to "Friend" because "Friends don't pay".

Bronn: Was stabbed to death 3 days later in a tavern brawl, by Tytos Slynt, younger son of Janos Slynt, who was promptly exiled to Night's Watch. Riverlands were given to Edmure. Reach was taken by Tyrion then later given to Tyrion's younger son Jaime, who resurrected Lannister family name. Pycelle was declared master of coin, before dying a year later from heart attack.

Ghost: Was a good boye and got many pats. Spent the rest of his life by the fire, protecting and playing with Jon and Val's kids.

Drogon: Was kidnapped by aliens to be used as power battery, but not before she had a clutch of ten eggs, two of which were given to Danny's children with Daario and hatched. Turns out that modern technology doesn't work for long on the planet where Westeros is, so the ancient astronauts which crash landed thousand of years ago had to genetically engineer dragons as power batteries for their technology. The main Green Lantern power battery was in Valyria but it exploded. Over time, their advanced dragon powered technology has been called magic. Spent the rest of her natural life flying, mating and eating in spaceship holodeck while at the same time powering that same spaceship.

Bran: Has peacefully ruled Westeros for over 80 years, by stopping rebelions and wars before they happen, before merging with and becoming the one with the Weirwood tree. He never died and is still technically The God Emperor of Westeros, but in practice the Seven Kingdoms are ruled by democratically elected steward in Bran's name.

Yarra: Tried to start a rebellion, but thanks to Bran's manipulation and mahinations, started it by attacking Storm's End. Long story short, she and Gendry rule united Stormlands and Iron Islands together now and have two sons, Theon and Arry.

Davos Seaworth: Spent ten years as Master of ships (and coin, after Pycelle's death), before retiring to his island and raising his surviving sons and grandchildren to be proper sailors. Invented professional Navy. Later invented trading Navy.


Thousands of years later, a satellite detected an object under the sands of the Great Desert of what was once Dorne. An expedition was sent. An ancient starship, buried in the sand. Deep inside the ruin was a single stone that would change the course of the history forever. On the stone was etched a galactic map and a single word more ancient than the clans themselves:

'Hiigara'. Our home.


The clans were united, and a massive colony ship was designed. ... The promise of the Guidestone united the entire population. Every mind became focused on the true origin of our people, every effort on the construction of the ship that would seek it out amongst the stars."