A random collection of screenshots, reference images, pencils and diagrams we shared when making the City of Generica, our first 3D city from scratch.

This was originally posted as a Toolbox bonus, but some Tools requested we make it public and that's the first time that's ever happened, so sure.



    • thomaszwanzinger

      I also failed to realize how much work is put into one such scene.

      However, honestly speaking, the picture also did not mean much to me when I read the page. The magic is in the words for me, especially on the illustrated pages.

      A lot of work, and lots of readers will not really appreciate it because they are in for the story, the riddles, the puns...

      • Kryton

        I had to giggle that my hometown was a reference

        • The DM

          I endorse making this public. This really underscores the scope of even “simple” updates, and may make art team hardships more relatable.

          • Morsious

            This might actually be a good post to have for everyone, not just the toolbox. I know I didn't realize how much effort went in to making this shot, and I'm sure others haven't either.

            • balder

              @Pokota See, it really works. Ask your optometrist if blur is right for you. (Narrator: It wasn't.)


              @Bandaid The processing on those images was I want to say like 20 seconds per. It was amazingly hard to fake a variety of signs by brush stroke, but blurring and posterizing leaves unreadable signs that still look like signs

              • Pokota

                That's a lot of blur. I love blur-brand blur. It's the blurriest!

                • Bandaid

                  Holy sheet, how many graphics did you do for that one city??? Oh wait, you already answered that in another post, a hell of a lot.