Greetings, Erfworlders!

I've been running urban fantasy tabletop RPGs like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Supernatural since even before their respective games were released by Eden Studios and Margaret Weis Productions, and they all worked well, but it always felt like something was missing. After running both games at local conventions and Gen Con for a number of years, I decided to develop my own urban fantasy RPG, and as I worked on it, I realized what makes the fans of the urban fantasy genre come back for every episode of a show or every book of a series, etc. It's not the monster of the's the angst and drama of the main characters' lives. Once I figured that out, the rest fell into place, and it wasn't long until my game had been created.


I WAS A TEENAGE CREATURE is a narrative-focused young adult urban fantasy RPG where it doesn't matter how strong my werewolf is, or how fast his vampire is, or how beautiful her fae is...what matters is how each of these characters feels, why they're doing something, not just how capable they are of doing it. Dice rolls are made against the character's chosen Emotion, meaning that the stronger they feel about something, the easier it is for them to succeed at doing it...but no one is in total control of their own emotions, particularly teenagers, and especially when they're dealing with paranormal angst on top of the normal young adult drama! The game uses a point-based character creation system, generating unique, complex characters with background elements and personality quirks that give them the Emotional Matrix that is used to resolve die rolls. The dice mechanics are a simple stat+skill d10 system, with each die being rolled against the current rating of the Emotion motivating the action.

IWATC is on Kickstarter now, welcoming any and all feedback and visitors! Thank You for your time and attention, and we hope to see you on Kickstarter.


 -Josh "Ninjacat" Brining