Last year, Xin Ye and I had great success with our Heroes & Treasure Kickstarter, thanks in large part to Rob, Linda, and the Erfworld community.

I'm very happy to announce a new Kickstarter for our Darkness & Light expansion set. It expands the Heroes & Treasure world with a new campaign, new enemies, and even new allies, many of whom are Elves.

If you're interested in reading more, or just in looking at some of Xin's non-Erf artwork for the game, check out the campaign here.

I'd also like to note that Xin will be doing a limited number of custom character commissions as part of this release. Look for the "Get in the Game" reward level.

Thanks everyone!


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    • Jay103

      I realize we're down pretty far in the list and maybe nobody will see this, but this is the last day of the Kickstarter, which is fully funded!

      • GusZep

         >"Six. What will suit the shop best is six copies."


        .. yes, I currently expect it will be the 6 base games and 6 expansions set level.. but I won't try and put in any kind of guarantee until I have had a good look at the accounting and the shelf space it will be competing for.

         (Edit - Feb 21 - updated pledge to "lots")


        • Lady Aa

          Red dress!

          I'm halfway through the game with my six and eight year old (and my noob hubby), and everybody is loving it. I've backed the expansion, and hope to back many more to come.

          • wakko

            Glad to see that they are including more room in the box for assembled items.  Might be a nice stretch goal to include a good organizer for all of the little pieces (depending on how many there are).

            • Jay103

              "will update to a real one when I figger out what level will suit the shop best."

              Six. What will suit the shop best is six copies.

              • GusZep

                well.. better grab some for the shop... 

                hearing some good things from customers playing the game with their kids.

                 (pity it wasn't five years ago, when my kids were in the target age bracket- now they just play D&D with the adults)

                 EDIT : have out on a "Keep an eye on things" pledge... will update to a real one when I figger out what level will suit the shop best.

                • Jay103

                  His full-body avatar is up on that page, for those interested.

                  Still some Shmuckers up for grabs :). I’ll tip anyone who posts here with anything that indicates you’ve read something on the Kickstarter page. (I have a lot of Shmuckers and I already have both hardcover Erfworld books and a stuffed dwagon, so..  spreading the love ;) )

                  • Red

                    My avatar is from the Get in the Game reward tier from the previous Kickstarter, and I obviously love it. Not that I need to tell Erfworld fans how great Xin is.

                    We had a chance to play the first stage of the base game in a group of Rob, Linda, Connor, and me around New Years and it was pretty fun. We were just sad we didn't have time for more.

                    • Salvage

                      @Bandaid - That is a Martini Glass. It is sometimes called just a cocktail glass but that is more of a generic name for a range of similar glasses. I work in party rentals so this knowledge is part of my job.

                      I am surprised that I didn't notice the Balders before. Quite disappointed in myself. ????

                      I won't ruin the color question to let someone else claim it. I don't really need any more schmuckers.

                      @Jay - Good Luck. I am still rooting for you.

                      • Bandaid

                        In the back, between the (presumably) exit and the barrels, Linda is holding a glass, perhaps a champagne glass, I do not know the exact english term for that kind of glass.

                        • Jay103

                          I'll send a tip to the first person to find Rob and Linda in the main project image and tell me what Linda's holding in her hand.

                          Second tip to the next person (different person) to tell me what color Linda is wearing there.