Donny-boy you won't believe my day
A horde of zombies have come this way.
I think I'm going to croak myself anyway
So to Donny-boy I bid thee be
oh wait I forgot to sign my name is Bea... cause

Suicide is painless
It brings out many changes
And what bigger change can there be
than denying them an army?

I'm only here cause mom wants me to
You can croak for all I care.
It's not like it's my life I have to bare.
Oh look there's Vinny giving a stare, saying

Suicide is painless
It brings out many changes
and I'm like "this guy is just frontline infantryyyy."

The game of Erf is hard to play
But I'm gonna win it any way
Though a losing card I may sometimes lay
Thwart me once, and you'll have hell to pay

And while suicide is painless
And it can bring out many changes
But not as many as some mad-woman blowing up your armory.

I am the titan's favourite son
For there are many battles I have won
And many deeds I have done
by Hamster's creed, he weighs a ton. Though..

Suicide is painless
but Homocide is fun
My path towards conquest has (only) just begun!
And Bonnie's been helping me with my vocabul'ryyy.

Very good, tool.

Please put on a towel.

This game of life is hard to play
But if I'm going to lose, I'll lose my way   (the Unaroyal way)
With this losing card I shall not be
With hate-golems rise, I shall have at thee

My suicide shall be painless
And it shall bring on many changes
When I go down I'll take you all with meeee.

You've been all living in sin
Fighting a fight, not for the win
But I'll tell you where I have been.
Once met a man made of tin.
Told me once when his heart wasn't iinn... that

"Suicide is painless,
And it brings out many changes"
Well, you can take your own if you please
For soon you shall become a part of my zombie army...

And then the truth shall set you upkeep-free."