A few years back, I rescued a beagle puppy. It was an unexpected thing, so I didn’t have any toys on hand. What I did have was an autographed red dwagon, and he discovered it and pounced on it with gusto. Automatic crit.


Update: Thank you Team Erfworld! The newly decrypted Red Dwagon is safely out of his reach, pictured together because I dream of a world where dwagons and bweagles can set aside their differences...


Recent photo of the aftermath:



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And I want to show you my opposite universe version, because I have a plush beagle!

Rob won him for me in a claw machine in May. We took him to the hockey game to root for Jay Beagle, which is why his name is "Jay." Based on what happened here, I am not letting any dwagons near him!

Also, a new signed dwagon just might be flying your way, Gtg973q. Not a red one, but a Decrypted red. Like Ace Hardware said, "You only live, like, twice, maximum."

-Linda <3


  • anke99 (Banned)

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    • Bandaid

      Looks like Bweagles are superiour to Dwagons.

      • Dragonhawk

        In most fantasy stories, one of the few things young dragons are afraid of is Rocs.  Now Erfworld may or may not also have Wocs but in my headcannon, the natural match of dwagons will forever be giant brown birds of prey with white bellies that pop with black saddles, boundless energy, a vast love of "playing" with things, and an absurdly high crit rate. If things go wrong, these flying mounts are your go-to plan B. BEagles.

        • Requiem_Jeer

          The hilarious parts of these other comments is that Beagles (beagle eagles) are actually one of the units in my d20 erfworld (still in very much alpha phase) "monster manual". They're infantry-class flying units, about as strong as a stabber but twice as expensive (little better on offense, worse on defense, heck of a lot better move). I may have to revise this in light of this new information.

          • Chirurgeon

            Replacing it with a Decrypted Red is pure genius!

            • Bandaid

              Looks like the Titans can decrypt bodies without the original body. And the decrypted body pops in a different hex to boot!

              That would be what, Thinkamancy for the link, Dittomancy to clone the body, Croakamancy for the decrypting, Weirdomancy  to make the Croakamancy accept the dittoed corpse and Carnymancy to make this blatant cheating possible in the first place?

              • Zebio

                There ARE the titans, they created magic, so they probably don't even need to link...

                As for B.Eagles as Wocs in Erfworld (shouldn't it be Ewfwowld, as I, for the first time, think about it?!), what about a bit of natural shockmancy ? Maybe that's waht was implied by Dragonhawk (predestined nickname?) by "boundless energy"...

                • coineineagh

                  Who's a bad beagle?

                  You are!

                  • Maelfaesh

                    For more fun with Rhotacism, see my (much too short) fanfic "Wife of Bwyan". 


                    So yeah, Ewfwowd. (pronounced "ew-fwee-ood" with an ermagerd accent).



                    Oh yeah... I seem to have lost my signed dwagon plushie too <cough cough> I'm just as sad as GTGsomethingsomething... smiley-innocent.gif


                    no i keed.

                    • Doomedpaladin

                       Bweagle mounts should totally be a thing. Snoopy was a beagle, get some Red Baron hunting done for Charlie in a flashback (since having them as units would violate his unit-use agreement with his Archons). 

                      • Carl

                        Cuteness level is clearly too OP ban it  smiley-tongue-out.gif

                        • Arrk

                          The Erfworld creature is probably a Rock, which is the highest life form, and cannot be tamed, as it is the epitome of being free, now. And this bird you cannot change.