Good evening lords and ladies, the time has finally come... to announce the winners of this year's Halloween competition!




You brought us delights and deliriums, nightmares and naughtiness. The judges had to hatchet through a terrible thicket of discord and despair to arrive at these, the final results which I will present without further ado and with no more delay (no matter how much begging and pleading is involved).



  1. 1st Some Halloween fun by Stargazer
  2. 2nd Gargs vs. Goyles by cloudbreaker
  3. 3rd Make a Wish and Take a Bite by No one in particular
  4. Honorable Mention: Snow Bunny by HighJumper



  1. 1st The Rotten Vault of Hallowee by MrH
  2. 2nd The Thing on the Garrison by Falcon X
  3. 3rd Thinking With Portal by Omnimancer 
  4. Honorable Mention: Edge by Twofer
  5. Participation: Snippets from a Burned Book by Horatio Von Becker
  6. Participation: Stormy Knight by cloudbreaker



  1. 1st Minecraft Transylvito! by cloudbreaker
  2. 2nd Halloween shockmancy by fulnitus
  3. Honorable mention: Yarn Manpower by Windterra Yarns, via Alkimodon



  1. 1st Doombats Are Leaving by HighJumper
  2. 2nd untitled by Seanfish
  3. 3rd Twelve Days of Marching (In the Same Swamp Hex) by Ganurath




Oh, but what did our courageous contestants win, you may ask? Well, thanks to the ghastly generosity of the Erfworld community, the participants have won:

  • 1st place of :shmuckers:2,592
  • 2nd place of :shmuckers:1,296
  • 3rd place of :shmuckers:648
  • Honorable Mention of :shmuckers:583

First, second and third places also win a fabulous gem from Cryptomancer's quarry!

And to everyone who was brave enough to participate, you don't go home empty handed! Well, assuming you got out of this with both hands. Runners up will be awarded :shmuckers:500 by Nimmi.



2019 Halloween Competition Announcement

This year we had a lot of enthusiasm and not enough time. In their infinite wisdom, the Judges have deemed it wise to announce 2019's Halloween Competition, this time hosted by Salvage! (Hopefully he does not betray me)... and an entirely new one! That's right, a second annual competition is about to be popped, and you can help decide what it's all about!


I hear today is a day of some vote-doing in certain parts of the world, so while you're doing that, consider voting on the 2019 Competition Announcement and Poll to pick the Theme or Holiday of the new competition.




Last but certainly not least, we'd like to give thanks to the generous donations of: Lipkin, Salvage, KaylasDad, Cloudbreaker, Gohei, Kyiote, No one in particular, Omnimancer, Obsidian Lion, Gildomar, Brother Mirtillo, t3P,  mattlistener, aristotle2600, Burley, Cryptomancer, Jaxad0127, Darth Curious, curator, Lonthalus, Zebio, ripple, Nimmi and sensate.


To the encouragement and support of Linda, Red and Bandaid.


The dedication of the judges: Brother Mirtillo, Salvage, aristotle2600, kiyote, Vevill Shreanol, Darth Curious, RebelTechie, Zebio and MrH.


And readers like you, who make Erfworld not just a great webcomic, but a great fandom. 


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      • Salvage

        And can we please get a round of applause for the magnificent Spicymancer? (insert applause here)

        Without whom there would be no contest at all, let alone an annual one.

        • Bandaid

          Yeah, Spicymancer is a huge pillar of the Erworld community. Not only for the contest idea and management, also for his great stories and for maintaining the Erfworld fanfiction register.

          Thanks for the mentioning by the way, though all I did was suggesting you could pester Rob or Red about making the announcement on the main page.

          • cloudbreaker

            Thank you so much for putting this competition together. I had a lot of fun participating and look forward to next year's contest!

            • Zebio

              Well as others said, thank you Spicymancer, for organizing this very entertaining competition, and thanks to all submitters for their contribution, it was fun to judge all of them! Happy to contribute next year, and to the new contest also!

              • Templar

                I love Gravity Falls, so I am glad that won.

                • Spicymancer

                  Thanks y’all, it may have been work at times but I wouldn’t trade it for the world: seeing all the outpouring of support, generosity, enthusiasm and creativity. 

                  @Bandaid: Yeah, and that “all you did”was a very good idea that helped get us where we are. wink

                  • Darth Curious

                    I'm thankful for being able to participate in the Halloween contest judging. I'm continuously amazed by the dedication and creativity of the Erfworld fan base. Shouts out to balder for letting us play in his sandbox!