Some Halloween fun

By Stargazer Comments (3) (Tipped by 9 people!)

Took a bit of time to whip up a submission for the Halloween art contest going on in the forum. And I know you might be asking: why is Stanley dressed as Stanford? Because I was curious to see what Stanley looked like with hair. He should thank me.


    • Brother Mirtillo

      Zombies and constructs and plushies -- oh, my! I admit I only recognized about half of the franchises, but they're all still self-evidently cute... and a little menacing. (or for the duo in the back, very menacing) My one complaint is that Sizemore's line made me wonder if that was supposed to actually be Wanda. Her face and hair indicated "no" at first glance, but his line and the notion of an Arkentool made me think she was just cosplaying even harder than she usually does. Only now do I recall that GK is in fact short by one Croakamancer. (...cry)

      But there's no way I'm faulting you for anything costume-related. In fact, the fabrics and limbs are well-built, the palette is splendid, and the quartet's faces and mad dashes are so frenetic that I almost thought it was a Scooby-Doo reference. Brilliant work, and congrats!

      • Stargazer

        Thanks a lot! I always like adding some vaguely obscure references and seeing whether or not people can figure out where they're from. 

        I also figured Wanda's unfortunate demise also opened a door for a little bit of comedy as to, well, who might replace her? And I just couldn't resist making an Arkensweater joke given how much I enjoy Gravity Falls and Mabel.

        • Requiem_Jeer

          Good idea: Get a new croakamancer when you lose your old one.

          Bad idea: Telling that croakamancer that their sweater is an artifact of titanic power.